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RV Living – Exercising on the Road

Living the RV life requires a few sacrifices, but exercise and personal care are not among them. Although life on the road makes it difficult to access a consistent gym, exercising in new places is exciting and there are tons of ways to stretch your legs and work on your fitness while traveling or living in an RV park.


Minimalist Workouts


The RV is limited on space and carrying a load of weights and exercise equipment is simply not an option. Luckily, exercise tools like resistance bands can easily replace weights and they store in a small and simple space. Add a yoga mat for stretches, pushups and stationary exercises and you can workout inside or outside in comfort without carrying heavy and bulky equipment.


Focus on training routines that use body weight exercises and movements that do not require a gym. These programs are perfect for RV living because you can exercise anywhere and do not need a plan or access to equipment. Walking, jogging and strength training are all very easy to tackle without a gym membership. They are also free and enjoyable.


Exercise Outdoors


The RV lifestyle opens access to some wonderful outdoor environments. Hiking, running and biking in the areas you visit are excellent ways to stay in shape while exploring the great outdoors. Take advantage of local parks, mountain trails and places that are inspiring. Seeing these places from the road is always nice but getting outside and digging deeper is the perfect form of exercise for RV living. You can also explore city environments by walking and jogging while discovering and making mental notes about restaurants, shops and other places you wish to return.


For people wanting to really push their limits, sports like rock climbing and river rafting or kayaking will also burn calories while taking you to amazing outdoor spaces. Some of these outdoor sports to require specialized gear however so really plan around sports you plan to pursue with some regularity.


Indoor Training


At times, exercising outdoors is simply not an option. Extreme heat, cold and bad weather can ground you but simple indoor workouts are still possible. Use the yoga mat and resistance bands for strength training, do pushups and even walk in place with high knees to elevate your heart rate. Indoor workouts are not always ideal, but they can help you get a quick exercise session when outdoor options are limited.


Find the Right Gym


While you won’t have a home gym on the road, signing up for a national chain is a good move. Some gym franchises have locations strategically located across the country and that means you can stop for workouts while on the road. Gyms serve a greater purpose as well as they often provide hot showers, WIFI and spacious parking lots where you can stay for the day and potentially overnight. Do some research and pull up maps of the different franchise gyms while comparing those maps with your tentative routes. You might even plan certain drives to coincide with gym locations where you can stop, exercise, shower and take a break in a quality parking space before moving on down the road.


RV Parks with Exercise Rooms


Many RV parks offer exercise rooms for their guests. Plan your routes with stops at these parks to ensure you have a nice gym that is also close to home. Not all parks have exercise facilities and while this will not dictate every stop, you can plan the longer stopovers for the parks offering the specific services you desire. Many hotels also have gym facilities and casino hotels will often have RV parks that open access to the hotel gym as well. Finding exercise rooms is often fairly easy but gaining access is typically limited to guests only. In some cases, you might purchase a guest pass for a low fee. It never hurts to ask.


Keep a Schedule and Plan Ahead


Effective exercising is all about consistency so plan ahead and stay on top of your schedule. Planning anywhere from one day to one week ahead is just fine so long as you stick to the plan and put in your time. Planning is especially important because your location will sometimes dictate the type of workouts that are possible. If you camp near a trailhead, hiking becomes an easy option but parking in urban areas may require some research to know where jogging paths and safe outdoor spaces exist. Do some basic research at each stop and enjoy working out in new places.