Welcome to our Coastal Breeze RV Resort

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Welcome to our Coastal Breeze RV Resort

Coastal Breeze RV Resort is your new favorite RV park in Rockport, Texas! We opened our gates the summer of 2016 and have had an overwhelming welcome. We are close to all the fishing, dining, hiking and activities of Rockport.

Our RV camping facilities are brand new and we provide a great family atmosphere with everything you need to make your stay a relaxed and pleasant one. Our list of amenities is what Rockport guests have been looking for in their ideal RV Park, not just in Rockport, but anywhere! “Why aren’t other RV Parks like this?” is a question we get asked.

Looking for summer fun? Come and enjoy 18 miles of beautiful beach along the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Our RV Park and Resort is just minutes away from beach fun like surfing, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailboarding and sun bathing. The soft sandy beaches of Rockport are awaiting you and your family.

Enjoy a day of hiking or bird watching.
After a fun day of recreation, head over to town for some grub. Coastal Breeze RV Resort is just minutes from the center of town, where you can dine out and enjoy fresh seafood and delicious coastal cuisine from restaurants throughout town. We have compiled a list of our local favorites, click here to see the list of restaurants to choose from.

Coastal Breeze RV Park and Resort is excited to welcome Winter Texans to their new winter home. Rockport is ideal for Winter Texans (aka Snow Birds) from northern states and our Canadian friends seeking warm and sunny days in a tropical coastal setting. We are your home away from home with brand new facilities and the newest WIFI and Full RV Hookups. Perfect for a quiet and relaxed extended stay. Book now and reserve your spot. Everything is READY for you. Call Ryan (or Duke) for our discounted rates for monthly Winter Texan reservations. Click here to read more about winter in Coastal Breeze RV Resort.

Take a look at all we have to offer and book by calling 361-416-1405 when you’re ready. We’ll be here to welcome you with a smile!

Off The Pier

Just a few of the catches you can makes of Coastal Breeze Rv Resort's Pier

There's two places you really want to be when the sun sets, and red and orange ripple through the softly clouded sky in southeast Texas. And that's either in the Coastal Breeze RV Resort's luxurious swimming pool, looking over the spacious grassy opening that leads to Salt Lake, or on the resort's large wooden pier, far out in the lake, the warm hues reflecting on the still water where you've just cast your fishing line.