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Rockport Texas Golfing

Many visitors are attracted to the beaches, fishing, biking trails and numerous outdoor activities in the Rockport areas and golfing is no exception. The town boasts two great courses in the immediate vicinity and a short drive in any direction opens up a ton of opportunity. You can pay through a beautiful local 9-hole course or hit a world class 18-hole course for a full day of fun. Golfers can stay busy on the courses year-round and the convenience of the local country clubs is fantastic for RV campers looking to get outside and have some fun.


Rockport Country Club


You can enjoy the brand new clubhouse that was built after Hurricane Harvey. The 18-hole course is back in perfect shape and the club offers an exceptional golf experience. Golf is just the beginning here and many locals enjoy the club for the atmosphere and the variety of activities. Tennis courts, a fitness center, swimming pool and spaces for private events make this a full service club. It also has a large grounds and golfers will often see wildlife using the natural areas around the course. Rockport is renowned for bird watching and the open space at the course attracts many of the famed species that visit the area. Bring along a pair of binoculars and watch the birds, waterfowl and deer while playing through. The habitat is spectacular and the grounds surrounding the club are a naturalists dream.


If you want to play a fantastic 18-hole course while staying in Rockport, consider signing up for a member status to experience the full range of benefits offered at the club. Otherwise, book your individual tee times and enjoy the fact that Rockport has a scenic and challenging home course.


Live Oak Country Club


The Live Oak Course is offers a simpler option with a great 9-hole course. Golfers love playing this course when they want a shorter day. The staff is known for their great hospitality and welcoming attitude and the clubhouse offers a great place to relax after paying a round. If you golf regularly and want a nice option without playing 18-holes everyday, this is the perfect course to visit. Come early on hot days and you can play a full round before the hottest part of the day arrives. The 9-hole design is ideal for beginners but also holds a few challenging sections for skilled golfers.


The course is named after the Live Oak trees on the property. Live Oaks are treasured and they attract droves of migratory songbirds in the right seasons. You might find yourself playing on a beautiful day with an orchestra of birds singing in the background. This makes Live Oak a course worth playing at least once while visiting Rockport. The staff also plays a very active role in the community, supporting local events and non-profits. If you want to meet the friendly locals and join the community, hang out in the clubhouse and learn more about events and future gatherings.


Palmilla Beach Golf Club


Everyone who enjoys golfing should take a trip to Palmilla Beach. You can make an easy day trip from Rockport or stay at the resort for a few days while enjoying the golf course and the beach. The golf course is positioned right on the waterfront with incredible views. It also offers a diverse set of options with short game courses not found in many other places. Hit the full 18-hole course or play a 9-hole links style course. They also have a 3-hoe walking only short course that is perfect for an hour of fun. In addition to the course, the resort has three great restaurants, a pool and a private boardwalk over dunes that reaches a beautiful beach. The boardwalk is only accessible to members and guests, ensuring you have privacy while walking out to view the sunset. Book one of their vacation rentals and spend a few days golfing and relaxing at the resort for the perfect getaway.


North Shore Country Club


Another great waterfront course, the North Shore Country Club is located just up the shore from Palmilla Beach. Situated on the Corpus Christi Bay, the 18-hole links style course is challenge and immaculately maintained. The club is also loaded with amenities and has a clubhouse with big windows and a beautiful view. Take advantage of the pool, tennis courts and fitness center. Their events calendar is loaded with social gatherings, barbecues and fun for the members. Competing in one of the tournaments is also a great reason to visit the club for a few days.