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June 23, 2020
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Inexpensive RV Accessories that Make Life Easy

Turning an RV into a complete home is easy and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Some basic accessories will streamline your kitchen, living space and cleaning processes without eating up critical space. You can even secure flower vases and decorative items to shelves with a little creativity. Plan your system strategically to avoid clutter and capitalize on some truly amazing accessories for RV life.


Easy Cleaning


Cleaning and laundry are important parts of the daily RV life. Luckily, many RV parks offer laundry machines and other services to simplify this process. Traveling and boondocking however will require a more creative approach to washing clothes and maintaining order. Invest in a collapsible tub for outdoor laundry and dish duty. The silicone style tubs require very little space and are exceptionally durable. Use all natural, biodegradable soaps designed specifically for camping when washing clothes and dishes outdoors. Do not dump the water into streams or lakes either. Dump the contents into your grey water system and empty at a dump station along with the black water tank.


Carry and use a squeegee for cleaning glass, showers and wet surfaces. It makes cleaning easy and can even work for windshields and fiberglass or aluminum exterior surfaces if needed. This will make it simple to clean all slick surfaces in a pinch.


Stock the Kitchen


The kitchen is a favorite space for RV cooking enthusiasts and making great meals is possible with the basic stove and range but adding a few extra features will up your game. Consider an easy cooking device like an instant pot to minimize cleanup while making perfect meals. The ability to control temperature while cooking a wide range of meals is a game changer for RVers. The instant pot can cook steaks to the perfect internal temperature or pressure rice in minutes. It can really cook just about anything and is a handy option to have onboard.


A crockpot is also worth considering for slow cooking. The crockpot can slow cook stews, chili and any number of amazing recipes while bringing out the flavors on low heat throughout the day. Using crockpot liners reduces the need for scrubbing and using water in a small kitchen sink. The disposable liners make life easy while still cooking perfect meals.


Lastly, add a stovetop cover and sink cover board to maximize counter space for meal preparation. Prepare everything for cooking in advance then remove the covers to use the range, oven and sinks. The cover boards are really handy, especially when preparing large meals with numerous ingredients.


A Better Electronic Experience


Electronics offer entertainment and convenience in everyday life and adding a few common elements to the RV will offer better service and the opportunity to enjoy music and media. The first step is improving cell and wifi signals through boosters. A cell phone booster can increase your service and reception, even in remote areas. A WIFI booster will do the same and make it possible to connect to free signals when you normally are out of range. That means parking outside of coffee shops and other areas where free WIFI is offered will extend beyond the doors of the business. Between the increase in cell and wifi reception, streaming media and working online becomes much easier.


Some RV’s are equipped with surround sound speakers but adding a portable bluetooth speaker is a good move. You can use the speaker inside and carry it outside anytime. It makes it simple to play music off your phone or tablet and also doubles for movies on connected devices. Portable speakers come in a wide variety of models with differing sound quality and features. Smaller, waterproof models are great for use in the RV and out on the water and beaches while bigger models offer higher sound quality for a better overall media experience in and around the RV specifically.


Now that you have a great sound experience and excellent service, connect media sources to stream music and movies. Spotify and other streaming services are great for online and offline music use. Movies and television are also easy, especially while connected to great WIFI at the RV park. Add a Roku or Fire Stick to your television and stream popular services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and more. With this simple setup, the media options for RVers are endless. Turn the rainy days into non-stop entertainment without signal interruptions and enjoy lounging and hanging out indoors and outdoors with the perfect media setup.