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Hunting in Rockport, Texas

Hunting Texas from Your RV Basecamp

Texas is not only rich with fish; the state is a hunting paradise with game in every region. Traveling or living in an RV or camper in Texas is perfect for hunting enthusiasts. You can capitalize on the mobility to chase different species around the state while maintaining your comfortable home on wheels. It’s the perfect situation for pursuing multiple species while visiting the best areas in the state.


Hunting Near Rockport


Before you head out on a hunting tour of the entire state, hold tight and focus on local resources. Rockport has some of the best waterfowl hunting in the state and putting a duck boat in the water is a great experience. The shallow inland waters and saltwater bays are notorious for attracting wildlife and waterfowl rich waters are loved by duck hunters.


The ability to spread out in the massive expanse of water is also advantageous and it means you will not be crowded by other hunters. You can use a boat or kayak as a blind or access areas like Goose Island and look for natural blind setups. Jump shooting puddles and ponds is also a nice way to spend a morning without messing around with boats and blinds. Just walk along waterways while using cover and jump shoot a few ducks before they scoot out of range.


While Rockport is a great waterfowl production zone, it also offers quality whitetail hunting. The southern brush country of Texas is known for producing world class whitetails. You can access great hunting through a private lease or by knocking on landowner doors in the area. The Aransas National Wildlife Refuge is also a rare place where public land hunting for whitetails is allowed. The refuge also has hogs, waterfowl and quail. Deer hunts are managed through a lottery draw system so put in your application to draw a rifle or archery hunt.


Chasing Texas Whitetails


The entire state of Texas has great whitetail hunting. You can find bucks and does on public lands but the process really requires intensive research and scouting to locate the lands and the deer. Hunting in Texas is most often done through a leased land system. You will find leases close to Rockport and around the state and they require a fee.


Look for reasonably priced leases with RV camping allowed on the property. Most will not have hookups available so plan on boondocking during the hunt. There are a few ways to find a deer lease in Texas. The state manages a database of all hunting leases in the state. However, the number of listed leases is often overwhelming.


Numerous online services manage and book leases as well. A general web search will yield results for these services. Many of the services are free as they make their money brokering the lease agreements.

The best way to find a local lease is through word of mouth however. Get to know folks in the community and ask around. Scout by driving around the area with your binoculars. Watch deer, pay attention to where they move and ideally, you will find one or more quality bucks. After locating the deer, you can approach the landowner about hunting their property.


Hog Hunts


If you really want to get out hunting without worrying about the season or leases, consider hog hunts. The overabundance of hogs that cause damage to Texas farms opens the door to a ton of hunting. Hog hunts do not require tags and so long as you have permission, the hunts are very easy to pursue year-round.


The easiest way to hunt hogs in Texas is by approaching farmers who have crop damage from hogs on their land. Offer to hunt their property and they will likely allow you to pursue and harvest as many hogs as you can safely handle.


Exotics in Texas


Lastly, you can hunt exotic species, primarily on high fenced properties throughout Texas. Chasing Axis deer and Oryx is a common pursuit but you can even find species like zebras and alligators on private ranches managed specifically for the exotic species. The more exotic and difficult to manage species come with a very high price tag. These hunts are not for the everyday hunter on a moderate budget and in many cases they run over five figures in costs.


Axis and Oryx however are more common than most other exotics and you can find some nice budget hunts for these species with a little research. The Axis deer are especially beautiful and are a bucket list species for many serious hunters.