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Eating Out in Rockport

Rockport is a small town but the food not lacking. Several popular restaurants serve up a wide variety of dishes. The coastal location affords access to fresh seafood while being in Texas also means prime beef and pork are readily available. If you like surf and turf, barbecue or Tex Mex, Rockport has plenty to keep your palate busy.

Besides the excellent dinner options, Rockport has hearty breakfast and brunch options and lunch cafe spots. If you really want to dig in, join one of the many local events where food is cooked by the community or the restaurant owners to serve up visitors. The Clam Festival and the Wine Festival are just two of the major events that draw food vendors to Rockport.

After having your fill of excellent food, don’t hold back on dessert. The entire region hosts ice cream, frozen yogurt and sweet treat shops for dessert.

Seafood, Steaks, Burgers and Tex Mex

Seafood is abundant in Rockport and the entire coastline is littered with fresh food options. 495 Chesapeake Eats is famous for the crab cake but they serve up a full menu of salads, burgers and other seafood dishes. It’s a local favorite and the overwhelmingly positive reviews on Yelp confirm the quality dining experience.

The Old Fulton Seafood cafe and deli is a local landmark with delicious chowder, seafood and diner fare. They also have a deli for lunch options. Grab a sandwich to stay or take it with you on your adventure for the day.

If you really want a filling burger or classic fish and chips, try Shempy’s Grill. They have fried calamari, gumbo and filling meals that will leave you content. Shempy’s is one of those hole in the wall stops that you won’t want to miss.

The Latitude 2802 cafe is the opposite atmosphere with equally good seafood. It has that boutique cafe feel with attractive decor and great prices on delicious seafood. This is a favorite dinner spot with a range of meals. You can keep it simple or order high end surf and turf here.

Want to combine the fresh flavors of Tex Mex with fresh, local seafood? Head to La Playa Mexican Grille. Grab some margaritas and enjoy the fun dining atmosphere and large menu with traditional Mexican cuisine and modern seafood combined with Tex Mex flavors.

If you don’t mind a short drive, the Steerburger Grill and Grubis a great place to find a gourmet burger. Their customers rave about the food quality. They also operate a food truck and cater local events. Look for their truck at the festivals and other local gatherings and make sure to not pass them up.

TheParadise Key Dockside Bar and Grillhas one of the best views you will find with seats overlooking the bay. They specialize in seafood and good home cooking. The burgers and grilled sandwiches are favorites.

Lastly, the Boiling Pot is not just seafood but it also comes with a Cajun twist. If you love spicy Cajun food, this is a local hot spot. Crawfish boils come in piling heaps with potatoes and the entire atmosphere is fun and laid back.  

Best Breakfast and Brunch

Start your day off right with a home cooked breakfast or brunch on or near the bay. There are too many great breakfast options to list them all in one spot. Rosita’s Taco Shop is a surprising favorite for hearty breakfast meals. You can also grab an amazing lunch at the same location.

Cheryl’s combines the local seafood flavor into an amazing eggs benedict breakfast. The restaurant doubles as an amazing lunch and dinner spot as well. Show up early because the place gets packed with customers who know about the menu.

The Taqueria Puerto Vallarta is much like Rosita’s in that is has great Mexican food in the afternoon but also has a great breakfast that flies under the radar. If you are looking for a unique and delicious breakfast, stop in to the Taqueria and you will be surprised with the offerings.

For a more traditional coffee shop with breakfast, the Rockport Daily Grind has excellent coffee, breakfast sandwiches, quiche and pastries. They also offer lunch sandwiches in the afternoon. If pastries are your focus however, hit the Rockport Donut Shop for homemade donuts, bear claws and other sweet breakfast treats. The Rockport Bakery is also perfect for the sweet tooth or a full breakfast.

JJ’s Cafe and the Bakery Cafe Rockport are both home cooking options with omelets, biscuits and gravy and a full menu of filling breakfasts.

Grab a Dessert

Rockport has several donut shops and multiple bakeries, including the ones listed above. All of these places will satisfy your sweet tooth in a pinch but they are more breakfast and lunch oriented.

The local Sonic and Dairy Queen offer fast food desserts but there are plenty of local businesses as well. The Pink Octopus has frozen yogurt and toppings. You can make your own combination here and enjoy every bite.

Grandma B Sweet Treats is a favorite ice cream shop with waffle cones or cups. Rumors of salted caramel ice cream in a waffle cone draws locals here with some regularity.

Little I’s Snow Cones and Treats has yogurt and fruit cups in a quaint setting. It’s a small shop with a friendly staff and great cold desserts for hot summer days.

Take a quick drive to Port Aransas and try out Bows Dessert Cafe. They have ice cream, shaved ice and homemade desserts. Try the brownies with ice cream or the pies when you visit.

In the same Port Aransas neighborhood is the Desserted Island Ice Cream shop. Shakes, smoothies, sundae treats and a number of other dessert dishes will leave you planning the next trip.

The overwhelming number of dessert options means you can try a new place just about every week for a few months or find your favorite and keep on coming back. The Rockport community has plenty of food but the dessert will really impress new visitors.