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12 Weird Places You Have to Visit in Texas

Texas is a unique state with long highways and a rich small town culture. The land mass alone means many areas are sparsely populated and there are some very unique stops for travelers. You will find plenty of weird places that are worth exploring in every region of the state. Even the bigger cities have some funny stops that are entertaining for locals and tourists alike.


Cathedral of Junk


Built in the suburbs of Austin by resident Vince Hannemann, the Cathedral of Junk is open to visitors. The mound is built from repurposed trash in a castle-like fashion, complete with passages and a full throne inside. Take a trip and enjoy the unique grandeur of this structure built from junk. It’s a common stop for people exploring the oddities of Austin and it’s one of the many unique places in a culturally rich town.


Futuro House


The Royse City attraction is a unique futuristic style home that resembles a spaceship. Built in the 1960’s by a Finnish architect it’s one of 50 that remain in the world. Royse City is a small city with less than 10,000 residents but it’s located just northeast of Dallas. Walk around the spaceship and marvel at the imagination required to build such a structure during the 1960’s.


Galveston Kettle House


Located in Galveston, this house is a very cool structure, built from metal and looking like a kettle. The rumors say the owner built storage tanks for a living. The house is currently abandoned and visitors can drive by on Miramar Drive but keep in mind that the actual property is private.


Toilet Seat Art Museum


Located in San Antonio, this unique museum is run by retired master plumber, Barney Smith. He keeps old toilet lids and turns them into art through painting and design. You can donate an old seat of your own and he will decorate and etch your name into the seat which will go on display at the museum. This is a fascinating place to visit and enjoy.


Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerata


Set in the living room of the owners, this museum is loaded with odd stuff, trinkets and cultural pieces. The owners have a story for every item and it’s a fun visit. Not many museums operate out of a personal household space like this one. Also located in Austin, this stop is a great one to combine with the Cathedral of Junk.


Art Car Museum


Located in Houston, this is one weird museum. Rather than displaying classic cars in pristine condition, they display unique cars that are painted and adorned with odd creations. Some of the cars are actually used as daily drivers and others like the Fruitmobile are entered into competitions. Locals call the museum, Garage Mahal and it’s a great place to kill an hour when visiting the Houston area.


Hueco Tanks


This is a natural phenomenon in the desert of El Paso. The rocks are incorporated into a state park and they stand out as a natural water collection resource in an area that is extremely dry. Humans have relied on the tanks for millenia and visitors can view drawings from ancient humans who gathered here and used the rocks as a reliable water source in the desert.


Starship Pegasus


This is a fun stop off I-35 in Italy, Texas. The Starship structure was an operating restaurant at one time but the building is now closed. Visitors still make the stop to take pictures with the aliens standing outside the spaceship. There is also a chance new owners will reopen the restaurant at some point in the future.


Super Collider


This massive project was intended to be the biggest particle accelerator in the world and it was built in the 1990’s until congress removed funding and abandoned the project. Most of the project is underground and 14-miles of tunnels are available to explore. It’s an amazingly large structure and would have been much larger if the project was completed.


Aurora Cemetery


The small town of Aurora has a very interesting grave in their cemetery. The pilot of an alien spacecraft is buried beneath a tree in the cemetery and the tale says that locals discovered the petite alien and buried it after discovering the wreck. The headstone is no longer present but the gravesite is marked with the story of the alien and is open to visitation from the general public.