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March 3, 2020
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March 20, 2020

Top Reasons to go RVing in Texas

Texas is one of a kind and the giant state is almost like a country in many ways. It’s also an RV paradise with great parks, campgrounds, sightseeing and a ton of different climates and environments to explore. That makes Texas a year-round destination with mountains, rivers, beaches, canyons and tons of range. Strap on your seat belt and get ready to explore miles of wonderful Texas highways and backroads.


Texas is Huge!


The state is absolutely massive with over 250,000 square miles of terrain to explore. You can literally pack large groupings of east coast states into the size of Texas. This requires a bit of strategy to break things down into bite size chunks. RVers can spend years exploring here without crossing the same place twice. The cities offer culture and great food, charming small towns are welcoming, national and state parks open the door to trails and the great outdoors. Snowbirds and year-round Texas residents can stay plenty busy on the road while experiencing a wide range of culture and activities.


The National and State Parks


Texas is home to two National Parks and a large number of state parks, wildlife refuges and many other incredible protected areas. Big Bend National Park is famous, and it draws visitors from around the globe. The park is home to wildlife, casual and difficult trail systems and a wild landscape that spans the border with Mexico.


The Guadalupe Mountains National Park is also well worth the visit. The park sits in the Chihuahuan Desert and is known for the reef mountains, abundant wildlife and bright white sand dunes. Fall is a very popular time here because the foliage turns vibrant colors, but the entire year warrants a visit.


Outside of the big national parks, you will find state parks scattered across the state. Palo Duro Canyon is an amazing place in west Texas. The trails are popular among visitors and the canyon is treasured by the locals. Davis Mountains State Park is another west Texas gem with trails, mountains and breathtaking views.


Look over the maps and you will quickly find an endless array of parks to explore in every region of the state. Also, look for national wildlife refuges and protected areas. The coast is especially rich in these places where migratory birds and critical habitat is protected. In places like the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, visitors can kayak, bike, hike, fish and enjoy the undeveloped coastline.


Food and Festivals


Austin is a hot bed for festivals and food culture but many other towns and cities in Texas offer up gatherings large and small. The Austin City Limits and South by Southwest festivals are massiv events and utilizing an RV simplifies lodging and logistics. While these events are an absolute blast, the local gatherings are often just as much fun, easier on the budget and they bring together the local community.


The Rockport-Fulton Market Days are one great option to consider and the event recurs on a monthly basis. Local music, crafts and food makes this one easy to enjoy without much in the way of advance planning. The Rockport Gospel Festival is also a major event that draws many of the best gospel groups from the state and around the country. Pay attention to the local community calendars while traveling in Texas and you are sure to find some unique festivals and gatherings in every part of the state.


Festivals often draw out the best food vendors in an area but finding delicious TexMex or mouthwatering barbecue is rarely difficult in Texas. Food culture is a major thing and you can actually schedule food tours in many cities across the state. The tours sample the best cuisine in the city and are a loved option for foodies.


Visit the Cities


Dallas and Houston are well known for big city culture but Texas is home to numerous moderate sized, charming cities as well. Austin is a favorite, Galveston offers city life near the sea shores, and San Antonio has the famous river walk. San Antonio straddles the border with Mexico and offers a wonderful place to experience the mixing of culture groups. Touring the space station in Houston is a must-do and even the big cities offer RV parks and hookups in convenient locations.


RV travelers can easily make a city stop between adventures in the great outdoors. The variety of activities and environments in Texas makes it the perfect state to explore and enjoy while living on the road.