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August 13, 2019
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Tips for RV Living

Are you new to full-time RV living or struggling to adapt to the lifestyle change? Or maybe you’ve been on the road for years and want to streamline your system. Making the transition is not always easy at first and the lifestyle change is significant. Here are a few tips to adjust while discovering the joys of living on the road.


Learn to Relax


It sounds easy but slowing down and really relaxing is not natural for many new RVers. After years of hustling and running around every day, the routine remains habitual and intact despite a desire to escape. Waking up at a scenic campsite and making a hot cup of coffee while enjoying the morning is fantastic once you let it happen and take the time to soak in the experience.


Even remote workers and self-employed individuals who are busy can utilize the opportunity to slow down a bit. You have no morning commute and, in most cases,, spending a few weeks or even months at a campsite means you can plan some great breaks into the day. After spending some time in the lifestyle and accepting the fact that many of life’s normal stressors are no longer required, you will learn to relish the relaxing and purpose filled days.


Keep it Simple and Clean


Life on the road does not require complications. Minimize your possessions and learn to appreciate the little things. Most long-term travelers find themselves selling off or giving away unused gear, kitchen appliances and other things that simply do not see any use. Removing these items reduces clutter and really simplifies the lifestyle. The process is ever evolving, and you will eventually find favorite items like a French press, soft blanket and favorite pair of sandals that you can’t live without.


Adding personal accents like art, decor, photos of friends and family and even a hardy house plant or two to make the space comfortable and personal. A simple kitchen setup and a few personal accents can go a long way towards making the space enjoyable. Clean the space regularly and keep up on washing bedding and everything in the same manner as a normal home. A clean space with a personal touch will quickly become a safe and nice space to spend your time.


Plan Your Days


It’s nice to relax and enjoy your downtime but boredom is the enemy. Working from the road will fill a good chunk of time but RV living is all about getting outside and exploring. Fill your days with new experiences and take advantage of your mobility. Visit national parks, state parks and wild areas where you can hike, bike, swim and enjoy the great outdoors. Hit the occasional golf course, visit museums and try the best rated restaurants in each area you visit. Keep a busy schedule with a mixture of planned and spontaneous activities. Don’t be afraid to pull over when you see something interesting. The random stuff is often the most exciting.


One easy way to make a flexible game plan is by targeting specific areas. Make a list of towns or areas where you will camp and research the attractions and activities while adding your favorites to the list. Do not make any specific plans until you actually reach the campsite. This leaves some wiggle room on timing but also creates a list of great options when you do arrive. After the campsite is setup, work the activities into your actual calendar and get busy having fun.


Take the Occasional Break


Living a mobile lifestyle does not require a daily drive down the highway. Setup campsites that last for a few weeks and even a few months. It’s nice to stay in one place long enough to really explore the area while joining the local community. Driving long distances is a grind and spending more time enjoying different areas than driving through them is ideal. Sometimes, a long drive is necessary but take your time and move at an easy pace when possible.


In some cases, taking a break from the RV is also helpful for a reset. Housesit, find a short-term rental or even work as a caretaker to mix things up. House Sitting websites make it easy to find opportunities in the United States and internationally. Browse opportunities until you find a good fit with ideal timing. You can find house sitting options in some pretty incredible destinations. Find secure parking for the RV and go spend a few weeks or months on a beach in Mexico.