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The Perfect Holiday Gifts for the RVer

The Perfect Holiday Gifts for the RVer

Shopping for an RVer is no easy task. They have limited space for larger items and are ultra particular about everything carried in their traveling homes. You really need to think it through to find the perfect holiday gift. Luckily, there are a ton of simple gifts that any traveler will absolutely love.


Gag Gifts


These are always fun and they work perfectly in secret Santa exchanges at the RV park. A gag gift can also be completely practical while remaining a bit on the funny side. For example, a nicely wrapped bottle of black tank odor treatment is funny but also very likely to be used and appreciated.


Funny signs that are small and hang on the door or wall are always welcome. Many gifts are made with funny labels but they remain practical. Finding soaps, hand sanitizers and general accessories that everyone needs with a twisted label is not difficult. Do some gag shopping online and look for items that are portable and practical with a nice gag gift comical element included.


Passes and Memberships


These are the perfect gifts for travelers. Always inquire before purchasing a pass or membership to ensure they do not already own one. The national park pass for all parks is a golden ticket for RVers who really cover some ground. You can also purchase passes for specific parks or do a homemade gift certificate to cover the costs if you know their travel route. Same goes for state parks and attractions. Knowing the current location or travel route makes a huge difference when attempting to purchase passes in advance.


Memberships are also valuable for RV travelers. AAA or another roadside service is an absolute necessity. Check on their current plans and offer and upgrade or new roadside assistance membership if desired. Specialty insurance plans specific to RV’s are great as well. It really helps to know what they already have before making this purchase. Do some research and prodding if necessary to learn about their current memberships.


The RV world is also loaded with travel membership clubs that operate on monthly or annual subscriptions. Good Sam, Passport America, Boondockers Welcome, Harvest Hosts and many more. Some of these, like Boondockers Welcome are apps and websites that help RVers find camping spots while traveling. Many or ideal for a quick break or stopover. The Good Sam and Passport America style memberships have a list of cooperating campgrounds that offer special pricing for members. It typically only takes a few stops to justify the membership cost and start saving. If your RV friends and family are road tripping hard, these are great options to consider.


Buy an Experience


These are the ultimate gifts that everyone loves and they will certainly appreciate and remember forever. They are also perfect for RVers because they won’t take up critical space and they create a wonderful opportunity to explore and enjoy an area. For example, RVers parked at Coastal Breeze will enjoy a free round of golf or a guided fishing trip in Aransas Bay. You can even shop local restaurants and businesses and call to order gift cards. Kayak rentals, guided tours, outdoor activities, art classes and workshops and just about any experience offered locally is fair game. Know your subject and buy an experience that you know they will love.


Prepaid Cards


Some people are flat out difficult and no matter what you buy, it won’t be quite right. In this case, leaving it up to them is the best way forward. Prepaid cards are always an easy and much appreciated gift for RVers. Amazon gift cards are easy when they need household items, books and just about anything delivered through the mail. This works when they are parked in a long term spot but Rvers on the move have a hard time ordering through the mail. In this case, a prepaid gas card is something loved by everyone driving a gas guzzler. Pickup their next tank of gas and you will be their hero at the pumps.


Practical Household Items


If you really know your RVers, the right household items can make a big difference in life. The way to really know what they need is by spending time with them or listening to complaints. Maybe the sink just isn’t big enough for those larger pots and pans. In this case, a large collapsible tub can solve that problem. It can also hold ice and cold drinks on the patio during barbecues and gatherings. Instant pots, dish towels, custom mugs and specialty camper items are also good considerations.