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December 10, 2019
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December 24, 2019

Space Saving Ideas for RV Living

RV living is all about being practical and strategic. The goal is not to fit as much as possible into the RV but rather to simplify your lifestyle and organize everything into a functional system. The exact size of each RV and trailer varies but a few simple systems can save a ton of space while reducing clutter around your home on the road.


Reduce Your Load First


Before you jump into an organizational effort to make everything fit in a neat and tidy manner, go ahead and take an inventory of everything in the RV. Make not of things that are never used and get them out. Unused items that hold no sentimental value are clutter and they are not serving any function. In a home with a garage and storage space, keeping a spare coffee maker in a garage cabinet is not a big deal. In your RV however, this extra item is using valuable space and it needs to go. Take your time, work through everything in the RV and really think about what is valuable and what is not necessary at all.


Assess the Situation


Taking a quick scan of the RV before working through space saving strategies is a useful practice. Make note of loose items first that are causing clutter and disorientation in the RV. The big challenge for RV living is keeping everything secure for driving and off the floor to ensure your floor space remains open and clutter free. The floor space in any RV is not a big area and even a few shoes neatly placed will reduce the footprint and open area.


Start with the Doors and Cabinets


Doors are designed to close and contain everything but they can also act as vertical storage spaces. Trash cans that hang on doors are a dream for RV living but many other out of the box storage options exist along with a few homemade space saving door and cabinet door inventions. Hang-on style spice racks and organizers for the kitchen and bathroom are easy to locate. Take cabinet measurement before purchasing and know if you are mounting on the interior or exterior. Interion mounting requires attention to the space allotment as it eats into the cabinet space slightly.


Moving beyond the obvious hanging storage options, you can also utilize Velcro for organizing and storage space. Leaving the remote control to the television loose for example will almost always lead to a lost remote. Place a strip of Velcro on the remote however and another against the television or any other easy mounting space in the area and you quickly create a secure means of storage that will save you hours of searching for the remote control.


Lastly, take a close look at hanging shoe storage devices. They are often made from lightweight fabric and can hang on doors or from closets. You can also cut them in halves or quarters to customize the sizing. While the hangers are great for shoes, they can really work for anything and essentially add pockets to your doors and cabinets. Fill them with any loose items that need a nice secure storage space that is easily accessible.


Streamline Your Kitchen


Kitchen spaces simply draw clutter. Forks, knives, pots, pans and all the accessories will quickly fill up your drawers and cabinets. Saving space in this area is a serious concern, especially for those who cook frequently and really need those extra pots and pans. The first and easiest method of saving space here is by investing in nesting systems. Pots, pans, plates and bowls that are designed as nesting sets will save in incredible amount of cabinet space. The nesting designs also create a single unit of sorts and that means less rattling and movement while driving.


Magnets are also useful for knives and even utensils like forks and knives. A magnetic strip is great for freeing counter space and making a convenient mounting point for knives. Store them in drawers while driving however to ensure nothing falls off the magnets on sharp turns and rough roads. In most cases, a butcher magnet will hold just fine but drawer storage is a simple safety precaution.


In the kitchen, you will also have foods that do not require refrigeration. Fresh fruit for example can stay outside the refrigerator while saving you more space for other perishable goods. Invest in a very inexpensive fruit hammock to store bananas, oranges, apples and other simple fruits that are consumed within a week. This opens up space in the refrigerator while keeping these items accessible for easy access.