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Some Tips To Consider When Traveling With Your RV

Some Tips To Consider When Traveling With Your RV

Traveling in an RV is a little bit like taking your home with you on a vacation – think of it as your home on wheels. That being the case, it only makes sense that you should have a few tools along for the trip with you in case things
need repair during the trip. Just like you would keep a basic toolbox in your garage at home to fix those occasional issues that pop up, it is a good idea to keep a toolbox in your RV as well. While some of the items that should be in your toolkit will be the same as at home, there are a few items that are specific to RV travel which you will want to make sure you bring along.Coastal Breeze RV Resort - Traviling Tips

Start with the Basics

The foundation of your toolkit should be the basic tools that you would have in any toolbox. Things like pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. should all be present. It is a good idea to check some of the fittings and equipment around your RV to see what size tools you will need, and make sure those sizes are present in the kit. Finding adjustable tools that can work for a variety of sizes can help to save space and consolidate your toolbox. Once you are confident that you have the basic tools in place in your kit, you can move on to finding some RV-specific items.

Pay Attention to the Tires

Your RV isn’t going to get very far without healthy tires, so adding some tools to your kit that can help care for the tires is a good idea. Specifically, you want to have a tire pressure gauge so you can check on the air pressure in any tire that looks like it might be a little low. Also, having a gauge helps when you are adding air to your tires to make sure you inflate them to just the right pressure. Of course, make sure that your tire changing equipment is also on board in case you get a flat and need to change a tire at any point during the trip.

Bring a Light

This might seem like an obvious item, but many people forget to bring a flashlight as part of their toolkit. There is no assurance that any repairs you need to make will happen during the daytime, so having a flashlight will allow you to see what you are working on even during the night hours. While a traditional flashlight can work, a headlamp-style flashlight that can be placed on your forehead would even be better as it leaves your hands free to work on whatever part needs attention .

Protect Your Hands

You don’t want to compound your problems by injuring your hands while working on the RV, so make sure there are some gloves in your toolkit. Just a simple pair of work gloves will do the job, and you may wish to include some latex gloves as well for jobs that are particularly dirty or greasy. If you have others along with you for the trip, make sure you bring gloves for them as well so they can assist with the work.Coastal Breeze RV Resort Rockport

Don’t Forget the Paperwork

One of the most important tools you can bring is the instruction manuals that came along with your RV and any other equipment you brought on the trip. A seemingly complicated problem might actually have a fairly simple solution – as long as you are able to consult the manual to find out how to take care of it. Get a waterproof plastic bag to put your manuals in and store them in the toolkit along with everything else for quick reference when the time comes.

The nice thing about putting together a toolkit for your RV adventures is that you should be able to use many of the tools you already have around the house for everyday life. One good idea is to make a checklist of everything that should be in your toolkit for each trip, and then review that list before you head out on your vacation. With a well-designed toolkit on board, you will hopefully be prepared to deal with some of the basic maintenance needs that your RV may have along the way.