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Sleep Tight with the Perfect RV Mattress

RVers spend no shortage of time working through organization, accessories, patio setups, entertainment and the major maintenance items like gas lines, electrical systems and water tanks. One often overlooked element is one of the absolute most important items in an RV, the mattress. Finding a mattress that is a perfect fit for the space and for your comfort preference will make RV living that much better.


Find the Right Dimensions


The bed size differs based on the RV model and interior design. Custom interiors may have unique dimensions that are difficult to fit with off the shelf mattresses. RV mattresses are also specifically designed to fit in a camper and the specialized builds are often reflected in the cost. Before shopping for a new mattress, take measurements to determine the size needs. The sizes are frequently classified as twin, bunk, full, three-quarter, queen, short queen, Olympic queen, king or eastern king. Queen, Olympic Queen and King size mattresses are not uncommon in RV’s and they easily sleep two. Twin and bunkhouse sizes are common in RV’s with multiple beds for families as well. Take the dimensions and determine the size needs before moving forward. Alternatively, note the size listed on the old mattress tag and shop for the same size when considering a new mattress.


Consider the Thickness and Style


Thickness is relative to support and a thicker mattress offers greater support. The RV bed typically has height restrictions and the common 8-inch thick design is often too tall but it really varies according to the model. A 5-inch or less mattress is a common size requirement to leave plenty of headroom. If you prefer extra support, maximize the thickness or minimize for less support.


Foam, memory foam and air mattresses are all great options that easily conform to the thickness requirements in an RV. Air mattresses have the option to adjust the firmness and that makes them a great option. The memory foam option is also very popular because of the comfort level. Memory foam comes in a variety of firmness designations and you can shop for custom levels of firmness. Coil spring mattresses are also used when height restrictions are not an issue. Additional thickness is added when a mattress cover and foam topper is added to the equation.


A straight foam mattress has the advantage of fitting custom sizes. The foam is easy to cut and will fit to any space but it does not offer the firmness of air, memory foam or the coil spring models.


Test Multiple Models


The best way to find the perfect mattress is through testing. Unfortunately, RV specific mattress models are not always readily available for testing. Visit an RV dealer and inquire about different options. They often have new mattresses installed in their inventory RV’s and you can test these for comfort before making a purchase. Without visiting a dealer, testing is difficult. Look for mattresses that have an option for return. This will allow for a testing period and you can return and try a different brand or model if needed. Mattresses are expensive and a rock solid return policy is critical.


Quality is Important


When shopping for an RV mattress, quality is well worth the price tag. A cheap mattress will not last long and will leave you with many nights of poor sleep. Waking up fresh and ready to tackle a day in the great outdoors is an absolute necessity. For the shorter height versions, the Serenia Sleep 6-inch RV Mattress is a good option with plenty of support. Stepping up to a thicker option is the 10-inch DynastyMattress Deluxe 10-inch model. This model is thicker and also falls into the high quality memory foam field. If you’re on a budget however, there are still some good models in the mid-price range. Coleman even makes a few nice air mattresses that will fit RV beds.


Like any other mattress, look for hypoallergenic models that are resistant to dust, mites and irritants. A high quality mattress cover will add another layer of protection while helping the materials last for a long time. Eco-friendly models are also worth the investment because they are not manufactured with harsh chemicals and they minimize environmental impacts. Shop for models with a warranty to add even more value to the equation. The top quality models come with warranties that last up to 20-years, making them a wise investment. If something fails or goes wrong, you can seek repair or replacement over a very long period of time.