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July 14, 2020
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RV Living and Positive Mental Health

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Living in an RV is the dream but that doesn’t mean things are always easy. Practicing a few basic principles will help you stay in great shape with positive mental health. The most difficult times for fulltime RVers typically occur within the first few months of making the transition. It’s a major lifestyle shift and takes some time to adjust and embrace the newfound freedom.


Take It Slow


The big key to enjoying the RV lifestyle is taking it slow. Don’t rush and try covering too much ground in one shot. Every region in every state has something interesting to offer. Make a rough plan but don’t be afraid to take detours and stop to smell the roses while on the road. Some of the best discoveries are unplanned and they just happen organically. New RVers often rush with a destination in mind and shoot for high mileage days. Slowing down is much more enjoyable and far less stressful.


Appreciate the Small Things


Living in an RV and traveling frequently means you have the opportunity to see numerous cross sections of society along with a ton of different natural spaces. Take the time to sit back and observe and enjoy the small things in each place you cross. It might be hummingbirds feeding on a porch, friendly shop owners in small towns or kids and families playing in local parks. It won’t take long to find at least a few moments to enjoy in each place you visit.


Stay Active


Activity is the key to maintaining great mental and physical health while enjoying the days. Luckily, this is easy in Rockport with a wide variety of outdoor activities to enjoy in the natural surroundings. Hit the walking paths, bike the Aransas trail system or go kayaking in Aransas bay. Between boating, fishing, golfing, bird watching, hiking and biking, Rockport visitors can stay busy having fun throughout the entire year. Exercise in or around the RV as well with yoga, static stretches and basic calisthenics or hit the closest gym.


Cook Great Food


Forget about fast food and gas station junk food on the road. Turn your RV kitchen into a favorite space that fills the entire RV with mouthwatering smells. Spending time cooking up great meals is one way to really make an RV feel like home. Start with your favorite dishes while getting familiar with the oven, range and your outdoor barbecue space.


After a while, start dipping into new cuisines. You might even signup for an online course and learn to cook different cuisines from around the world. Try your hand at Thai or Indian Curry, Brazilian barbecue and anything else that sounds appealing. Rockport is blessed with a location that offers fresh seafood and even the chance at local game like venison. Take advantage of these resources and to cook with the freshest possible ingredients.  Learning new flavors and cooking is a great way to pass the time. Your family, friends and neighbors will appreciate the efforts when visiting as well and great food tends to make everyone happy.


Participate in the Community


Take advantage of the opportunities in your local community. Rockport is loaded with groups who meet for social gatherings and for volunteer purposes. While many of these groups have slowed during the pandemic, they will resume normal meetings in the future. Until then, you may even find virtual opportunities to discuss community affairs while meeting new folks. Other events like the Rockport Fulton Market Days and the exhibits and gatherings around the Arts Center are favorites. Follow the calendar closely and pick a festival or event to join the fun. Finding weekly opportunities is not difficult.




Traveling on the road fulltime and parking in areas away from family can create homesickness. Embrace your RV freedom but don’t ignore the longing to visit home on occasion. Plan trips and utilize the advantage of being able to pull into nearly any town or city with your home on wheels. The RV makes for convenient visits and you don’t have to sleep on an air mattress in a spare room. Enjoy the comfort of your own bed while visiting the people and places you love most. Build these visits into your scheduled routes and make it happen. When parking in a long term position in Rockport, the Corpus Christi airport is close as well for quick trips. It’s an easy home base that makes it possible to jump a plane to just about any major airport in the country.