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November 13, 2019
Kitchen Essentials for the RV
November 26, 2019

RV Friendly Grilling for the Holidays

Cooking holiday meals in an RV often requires a little extra kitchen space to churn out multiple dishes simultaneously. Utilizing the grill is a fantastic means of freeing up oven space for pies and side dishes. The grill can handle meats, appetizers and any number of side dishes with some creative thinking. Ultimately, your grill works as an extension of the kitchen during the holiday season.




It’s hard to go wrong with kabobs on the grill. The ability to customize each one with different vegetables and meats means vegetarians and meat lovers are all satisfied. Utilize mushrooms, bell pepper, tomato, onion, beef, chicken and even wild game if you had a successful hunting season in Rockport. Venison and duck breast both work wonderfully on a kabob. You can serve these up as a main course or appetizer as well.


Veggies and Potato Foil Packs


When the oven is filled with pies and desserts, consider bringing your vegetables to the grill. You can also use this method of cooking over a campfire, leaving the grill and oven open for other courses. Lay out a sheet of foil and fold up the edges to make a tray. Fill the foil with your favorite vegetables. Onion, garlic, squash, mushrooms, bell peppers and tomatoes are all great and you can really get creative with different combinations. Add salt, pepper and butter or oil to the vegetables and stir everything up. Lay another sheet of foil over the top and roll the edges together to seal everything inside. Set the foil over hot coals or directly on the grill to cook. Do another foil pack in the same manner but fill this one with potatoes. Slice them thinly to cook faster and add plenty of butter and seasoning to flavor.


Cooking a Full Turkey


Thanksgiving is all about Turkey and while most RV ovens will not hold a full bird, you can still make a great turkey for the holidays. In fact, cooking a bird is a little easier because breaking into sections allows for more control over the timing and temperature applied to the different cuts.


If the meal is only for a few people, consider cooking a half turkey as it will supply plenty of meat. The entire half may fit in the oven but you can also split it into half again to make it fit. For a full bird, split into quarters to make it fit. Use a thermometer to monitor the internal meat temperature and pull each quarter out to rest at the appropriate time. Cooking a full bird to perfection is difficult because the breasts cook at a different rate than the remainder of the meat and you risk drying out some meat. Using the quartering approach, each section is more easily managed and cooked to perfection. If you want a presentation piece, pin the sections back together after cooking. Simply carving them up for serving however is far more efficient.


The last option for a full turkey is cooking the bird outdoors. Setup a smoker or deep fry an entire bird for a juicy and delicious option. The deep fryer is very consistent but make sure to follow instructions and take safety precautions with this approach. Keep the fryer a safe distance from the RV and anything flammable. The smoking method can really add flavor through the application of different hardwoods. Practice using the smoker in advance with chickens and smaller cuts of meat to learn the process while becoming familiar with the temperature settings and entire process.


Potluck Style Gatherings


The holidays are fun in RV communities and pooling resources to create a great meal while enjoying the company of neighbors is a wise move. Running a big pot luck style meal brings everyone together and also ensures more than enough food is available. Make plans in advance and let everyone signup for different side dishes while one person handles the turkey. In Rockport, great weather around the Holidays means eating outside is possible. Just check the weather reports in advance to ensure clear skies are forecasted. Always do a full survey of participants for special needs and allergies as well. Nuts are a common ingredient in many desserts and dishes so make sure the food is safe for everyone to enjoy. Otherwise, setup a few rows of tables for sitting and one for serving. Set a time for dinner and enjoy all of the great dishes provided by friends and neighbors.