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October 1, 2019
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October 15, 2019

Rockport’s Big Events

Take one glance at the Rockport events calendar and you will see the community is jam packed with great opportunities. In fact, just about every day has an event and some days have overlap with multiple options. Some events are small gatherings that recur each week or month and others are major occurrences that take place annually and have major turnouts.


Art Fest


Rockport has a booming art scene and the Art Festival is a major event and fundraiser for the local art center. The Center for the Arts offers rotating exhibits from outside artists and local talent. They also have a great offering of classes and workshops. The art center is one of the busiest places in Rockport with something happening almost every week of the year.


The art fest event is typically held during the first week of July and it lasts for several days. The event requires a small admission fee for entrance and the venue is filled with amazing art. It also has great food, beer, wine and beverages. If that’s not enough, the live music is sure to really keep you entertained.


The festival is an annual event so make sure to mark your calendars. The combination of live music, great food and the most talented artists in the region makes for one great party.


Rockport Market Days


This monthly event is a big community gathering that is perfect for locals and visitors. On the third Saturday of each month, over 100 booths are setup with local crafts, art, produce, woodwork and more. The market days are all about homemade and handcrafted and you will find everything from delicious jams to local pottery.


Like the art festival, live music and great food is also present at every market event. Attendance is free and the market days are an absolute blast and a favorite monthly event. Some locals attend nearly every single month because there is so much to see and experience.


Rockport Fulton Shopping Tournament


Join the shopping tournament and you are in for some serious fun. Dressing up is not mandatory but many participants do wear costumes which really makes for great entertainment. The tournament works a bit like a game of golf as described by the official tournament website. Each round of shopping comes with prizes and serious discounts for your holiday shopping. Prizes are given to teams for the best costume, spirit and the highest spending levels. All spending is kept confidential however. The event takes place in the fall, typically in early October and it helps to bolster the community while everyone has fun and gets some early holiday shopping done.


Hummerbird Celebration


Nature lovers will really enjoy this long standing celebration of the local bird populations. Rockport is a bird watching paradise and the Hummerbird Celebration celebrates with over 70 vendors and a dozen expert speakers. You can also join on field trips and learn about local bird watching areas, ecosystems and species.


New and experienced birders can learn and share while meeting other avid birders in the area. Many folks even end up scheduling days to watch birds together. If you love getting outside and want to meet like minded people, this is a must attend event in Rockport. Make sure to sign up for the speeches in advance to gain admittance. Many of the other field trips are self-guided and you can pick and choose from the best options.


Fulton Oysterfest


What is better than a giant oyster-eating contest on a nice March day. The event actually runs for four days and is action packed with carnival rides, music, food and local vendors. It’s the biggest event in March and draws a great crowd. Kids are especially welcome and will enjoy the abundance of rides and fun.


In terms of big events for the month of March, this is the one. The month has plenty of local action with Bingo, chamber of commerce meetups and other regularly scheduled events but the Oysterfest is the real attraction.


Christmas by the Bay


Rockport really embraces the holidays and the community comes together in celebration with numerous events. Santa Claus is ready to greet kids at Christmas by the Bay where the celebrations are centered. Tree decorating contests, caroling, an ornament workshop and fireworks are all part of the fun. The entire month of December is loaded with opportunities to celebrate and gather with family and friends in Rockport.