To Book a Spot, Call 361-444-4131 or Email with the dates you like to visit.

Rental Terms

  • Rates include all taxes, water, sewer and basic Wi-Fi.
  • Rates may change without Notice.
  • Persons under the age of 21 may not rent unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Rates are based on 4 people. Sites may have up to 6 people per site, with an additional $10.00 per person per night.
  • Visitors must register at office before entering the resort.
  • Electric is charged at $0.155 per KWH for monthly rentals.
  • All sites must be kept neat & tidy.
  • No rugs, picnic tables, or lawn furniture is allowed to be left on the grass overnight.
  • No refrigerators, freezers and/or storage sheds are allowed.
  • All cooking devices must remain on the concrete.
  • Any wood burning and/or charcoal fires must be in a contained pit with a covering. No fires directly on the ground or concrete.
  • A washing fee of $10.00 is to be paid prior to each washing of your rig, car and/or truck. This fee is to be paid if you wash or if you hire a professional company.
  • If your vehicle or RV requires services or mechanical repairs, please inquire at the Front Office before contacting any service companies.