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No Cleanup Meals

Whether you are comfortably set up at the RV Park or living on the move, little to no cleanup recipes are convenient and the time savings is nice when there’s no time for dishes. One pot recipes are fantastic but cooking in foil or over a grill can save a ton of cleanup while still producing mouthwatering dishes. Here are a few ideas for cooking without the mess.


Foil Pack Recipes


Foil packs work on the grill, in the oven and on a campfire. The foil holds food, transfers heat and can cook everything from vegetables to steaks. They are truly versatile and easy to make by simply laying out a sheet of foil and covering two-thirds of the sheet with your ingredients. Cover with another equal size piece of foil and roll the edges together to form a sealed packet.


Vegetables are ideal for foil packets and adding bell peppers, squash, onion and garlic with salt pepper and butter creates an easy and delicious dish. Experiment with different combinations and seasonings to find the perfect veggie combo. Southwest flavors go especially well with vegetable and chicken combinations.


Potatoes are similar to veggies in foil packs. Seasoning and oil or butter is sufficient for a great meal. They cook a bit slower than vegetables and meat, so put them on sooner and check every 8-10 minutes by unrolling the foil and poking with a fork.


Cooking salmon, steaks, chicken and pork in foil is also easy but timing the meat to prevent over or undercooking is a fine art, especially on a grill or campfire.  Always add oil or butter to prevent the foil from sticking and season as desired. Salmon and fish is easy to season with lemon pepper and lemon slices.


One Pot Recipes


One pot recipes require minimal cleanup and they simplify cooking. You can cook for a crowd or just a few people with some satisfying dishes. When it comes to cooking a single pot, hearty meals that are filling without a need for side dishes are most common. Creativity is welcome and playing with recipes is not uncommon.


Macaroni and Cheese is a classic one pot recipe that works well for RVers. It doesn’t have to be a cheap old box of simple mac and cheese however. Spice it up buying gourmet packs and add your own custom mix of sauteed vegetables or bacon to the pot. Mac and cheese is a filling comfort food that appeases just about anyone.


Curry is also a versatile and easy to make dish with a ton of different variety options. Sauteed chicken and vegetables in a pan and add tomato sauce, curry powder and salt to taste. Top with cilantro and serve with Naan bread. Lentils are an easy substitute for chicken as well. Another great chicken recipe is butter chicken. Saute the chicken and add a pre-packed butter sauce to simmer until done. Cook instant rice in the microwave or by pouring hot water over the rice and serve with the butter chicken.


 Stick to the Grill


Grab some paper plates and cook outside on the grill for an easy evening filled with great food. Steaks, chicken or pork are all great on the grill. Marinade in plastic bags and transfer the meat directly to the grill. Premade marinades are often delicious but mixing your own batch of oil, vinegar and seasoning is not hard to concoct in a few minutes.


Asparagus is a great side that cooks directly on the grills. Potatoes and vegetables in a grill basket are also simple and the baskets brush out just like the grill. The previously mentioned foil packs also work great when laid directly on the grill.


Bagged salad kits require no dishes outside of a serving bowl and they go over great.


Pre-Cooking and Boil Bags


Pre-cooking meals can save a ton of time when you’re in a hurry and don’t want a pile of dishes. Spend a day in the kitchen making pasta dishes, chilli, fajitas and anything else that freezes well. Vacuum seal and freeze the meals until ready to consume. Place them in a pot of hot water to defrost and either heat in a pot or microwave for a quick and easy dish.


Pre-cooking breakfast for the week is also a great time saving idea. Bake eggs with veggies and cheese in cupcake pans. Set aside each one for a day of breakfast and store in the refrigerator. Simply microwave for a minute or two in the morning, add some hot sauce if desired and breakfast is served.