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New Residents Guide to Rockport

New to Rockport? It’s a great idea to get familiar with the basic emergency services, evacuation routes and protocols for the City of Rockport and Aransas County. The town has a great layout, a volunteer fire department and plenty of community support and communication to make things easy. Volunteering and participating in the community is also a great way to stay engaged while making great friends and meeting new neighbors.


Fire Department


The Rockport volunteer fire department is a staple in the community. Although the group is volunteer based, they are on call 24/7 and are fully funded, including funds allocated from the city general fund. The utility bill for residents also has a basic charge that helps to fund the department. They are in full compliance with the Texas Commission of Fire Safety and the response times and service provided to the community are top notch. The fire department does respond to emergency calls through the normal 911 dispatch.


Hurricane Protocols


Hurricane systems are an important part of the community along with all towns and populated areas on the Gulf Coast. Local phone numbers are alerted with the Caller ID CodeRed during a crisis and it will have a message about the emergency status. This only works for numbers with the 361 Area Code however.


The town recommends implementing an evacuation plan at your residence and this includes RV park residents. In the case of an evacuation order, be prepared to grab your pet and leave immediately. Have a route out of the city that directs you inland in a hurry. Your utilities are automatically shut off in an emergency situation to prevent electrical fires and water pipe flooding. Read the full Hurricane Protocols for the City of Rockport and be prepared.


Police Services


The police respond to emergency calls through the normal 911 dispatch number but you can also make non-emergency calls at 361-729-1111. Use the non-emergency number for vehicle inspections and licensing issues. The non-emergency services are common for parade applications and a number of local permitting processes. They handle everything from criminal investigations to code enforcement.


Courthouse Locations


Two different courthouses are relevant for the area. The municipal City of Rockport courthouse is located at 402 E. Laurel St. The Aransas County Courthouse is located at the Harbor Oaks Shopping Center. The courthouse locations handle everything from minor traffic violations to criminal trials and proceedings. You can pay speeding tickets and basic citations at the courthouse directly.


Social and Community Services


The Rockport community is very tight knit and everyone comes together to support each other. City and volunteer, non-profit programs are both available as different forms of community services. The Rockport-Fulton Good Samaritans is a volunteer based organization that helps those in need. RV residents can spend a few hours each week contributing food, clothing and helping with shelter and other important services. CDI Head Start and teh Teen COnnection are also great social programs for youth. The Senior Services Center is an important place where seniors can gather, socialize and work through service based needs. The local churches are a serious force for community involvement and the Aransas Boys and Girls Club provides a safe place for youth to gather and recreate. You don’t have to look far to find great local services and opportunities to volunteer and help out in the community.


Learning the Area


After learning about the local services and nonprofits, it’s time to get a feel for the area while really tapping into the local parks, outdoor spaces and opportunities for recreation. The community aquatic and skate park is a great youth and family gathering space. The Rockport Beach Park and Pavilion is a local staple and anyone staying in the area is likely to visit the beach. It’s an easy space to enjoy with public bathrooms, picnic areas and plenty of space on a big, pristine beach. There are a ton of local parks and public areas that really make it easy to explore and enjoy the nature here. Hiking, biking, fishing, boating and bird watching are all major parts of the local lifestyle. The Aransas Pathways website is an excellent resource for locating different trails and opportunities. They have printed maps and detailed descriptions of trails for hiking and biking, complete with distances. They also have multiple birding sites listed and a variety of launch points for kayakers. Kayakers have a multitude of places to explore with easy access to the water.