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Must Have Exterior RV Accessories

The right accessories make RV living a whole lot more comfortable and enjoyable. Finding the right accessories without creating clutter is a fine art. Accessories for towing and safety are absolutely essential for most RV owners. Having the right mix of kitchen, household and outdoor living accessories is also great for general comfort. Take the time to consider each item and only invest in the things you will use on a regular basis to make the most of your RV accessories.


Towing Mirrors


There is nothing worse than worrying about a blind spot in your RV or while towing a trailer. Invest in a beefy set of towing mirrors to expand your view. Mirrors not only make driving safer, they really take a ton of pressure off everything you change lanes or back into a tricky parking spot. Invest in a high quality set of mirrors and purchase them with a return option. Test the mirrors to ensure they work well and return them if they do not offer a full view of your blind spots. There are many options on the market with easy install extensions and full mirror sets that replace your stock mirrors.




Speaking of mirrors and safety, adding an extra view with a backup camera will change your parking game. Many RV’s come with backup cameras and any that are not outfitted with one should be considering the upgrade. It’s surprisingly affordable to add a backup camera to your mix. Choose a model that shows the distance between your rear bumper and objects and also one that has sound alerts when you are too close. The only downside here is for RVers who tow a second vehicle or trailer. In this case, disable the backup camera while towing and enable it when the trailer is disconnected.


Adding a dash camera is also a great idea. While not absolutely necessary, the dash camera is a great asset. You can record scenic drives for fun, catch fender benders on camera for law enforcement and insurance purposes and you can turn it around to film any interactions with other drivers, law enforcement or just for fun. For folks spending their days on the road, this can turn into a great investment.


Safety Kit


Safety accessories are all too often overlooked. Many RVers carry the basics but upgrading and adding a few simple items can make a huge difference on the road. Anyone traveling through remote areas with poor cell phone service should also build a more robust safety kit. Add a first aid kit and make sure your standard fire extinguishers work well. Flares are handy for breakdowns and flat tires on busy roadways. Add tire plugs and an air compressor for quick flat fixes that will get you along to the next service station. Lastly, a battery powered jump starter will fix a dead battery in a pinch. It’s not hard to accidentally leave a dome light or other accessory on, draining the starting battery. These jump starters do not require a second vehicle and they hookup in seconds.


Upgrade Your Blackwater System


You can do just fine draining your blackwater tank with a cheap hose but once you upgrade to something nicer, you will never go back. Invest in a longer hose like the Rhino Extreme. There are a few different hose brands and models but adding length with a durable flexible hose makes life easy at the dump station. Also, use a hose with a clear connector at the end to help monitor flow and indicate when the tank is empty. After emptying the tank, run water through the system and the clear end will also show when the tank and hose is clean and ready for storage. Throw in a pair of elbow long rubber gloves for the job and clearing your black tank will become an easy routine rather than a dreaded one.




Any RV or trailer using a tow behind hitch system should consider a security locking mechanism for their rig. We often focus on interior security systems and door locks but trailers are especially vulnerable to theft of the entire unit. The hitchlock is a great security measure that prevents thieves from removing your trailer entirely and connecting to their own vehicle. Lock it down and travel without worrying about your trailer being violated at parking areas. Travelers who spend their days hiking, biking and recreating away from the trailer will really appreciate this easy to install feature.