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November 5, 2019
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Make Your RV Feel Like Home

RV travel and full time RV living is definitely different from living in a “typical” house but it doesn’t have to mean a major lifestyle change in terms of the way your new home FEELS. The little things really count and bringing along a few comforts and making basic changes can really make the space feel like home. Long term travelers are especially encouraged to focus on making the space cozy and comfortable for the perfect house on wheels.


Growing Plants


Plants bring any space alive, but RV living comes with a few challenges. Driving long distances means the climate changes frequently and your plant choices should reflect this fact. Space is also an issue and choosing smaller plants that fit into stable locations is imperative. Plants like cactus, bamboo and peace lilies are great options. They require little light and only basic watering to flourish and flower. Even a few nice fake plants can really make a difference by adding some character to the interior.


Paint and Decorate


Painting is an excellent way to make the RV look great while reflecting your personality and preference for decor. Paint the cabinets and walls if desired. Light blues and yellows make for a very personal and uplifting look and are known for making a space feel open and airy. You will see these mood setting colors every day, so choose wisely.


Also consider adding art and photos on the walls. Make sure they are mounted in a stable manner to prevent movement on the road but having your favorite art and family photos on the walls gives the RV a homely feeling. Adding blankets, throw rugs and custom curtains are just a few other methods of turning a basic interior into a plush home with extra comfort and style points. You might even grab a few things from your current or old house to add in the RV for personal comfort.


Comforts of Home


The little things go a long way towards creating a comfortable RV lifestyle. Bring your favorite pair of slippers and comfortable robe for mornings spent lounging and drinking coffee. Add a kettle to the stove for tea and hot drinks and don’t forget your favorite beer koozie to hold while sitting outside on a hot day. Almost anything that made your daily routine enjoyable in a physical house can also work in an RV!


Entertainment Systems


After a busy day of fishing, boating and enjoying local foods and fun, kicking back with a good movie, book or your favorite music is hard to beat. Setup your entertainment system with a good speaker, television and add a few bookshelves if possible. Even a modern portable speaker can really project well and create a surround sound effect while watching movies and relaxing on a couch with soft blankets and pillows. Adding digital services like Netflix and Spotify also makes it really easy to find new shows and music for streaming over WIFI or data on unlimited plans. No need for a satellite dish or cable hookup with the world of digital streaming services.


Build Your Yard


The outside space is easy to overlook but spending time on the porch is a favorite pastime in physical homes and RV’s are no different. Add a doormat and a roll of fake grass to create a front yard space. A table and chairs along with a barbecue will quickly turn a small space into a social cooking and lounging area. Make sure to setup an awning for shade and enjoy spending time lounging outside. Long term campers can even utilize a portable fence or build a creative but cheap porch and fence area with pallets. Always check with the RV park first for approval on any temporary construction, however. Areas with insects and mosquitoes can put a damper on outdoor space but a portable gazebo with bug netting can quickly turn things back in your favor.


Sleep Well


No home is complete without a comfortable bedroom and sleeping space. Upgrade the mattress to your favorite brand and deck it out with a nice set of sheets and comforter. Be sure to do the measurements carefully for a new mattress to ensure that it will fit as this is challenging in some cases. The other and much cheaper option is a nice mattress topper to add comfort without buying a whole new setup. Add some pillows, bedside photos and a reading lamp and you will sleep like a baby. A nice bedroom is a must-have for anyone pursuing the RV lifestyle.