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November 19, 2019
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December 3, 2019

Kitchen Essentials for the RV

Every RV should have a streamlined kitchen, stocked with the basics and a few luxuries if desired. Clutter is the enemy however and as a general rule, if something is not being used with regularity, consider removing it from the RV. Minimalism without sacrifice is entirely possible by eliminating unused items.


Keep Great Cutlery


You really don’t need a full butcher block loaded with specialized knives but a few really great blades are critical. Even a single sharp kitchen knife will do just fine but having one for cutting meats and vegetables and another for bread is a good idea. Also, keep a sharpener handy and use it regularly to maintain a perfect blade. Most kitchen knives are not maintained and the blades eventually dull. A simple sharpener will make a good knife last forever. Electric sharpeners are fantastic but even a simple sharpening stone will make a massive difference over time.


Baking Pans Sized Right


Before purchasing pans, take measurements of the oven to ensure your purchases fit the dimensions. One or two baking pans are adequate, especially considering most RV ovens have a single or double rack. Choose a set that stacks for easy storage in your cabinets. Outside of the baking pans, a great non-stick frying pan and a boiling pot or two for soup, spaghetti and stews will round out your cookware. The setup is simple and can handle just about any meal required for a few people. If you have electric hookups, a slow cooker is also worth considering.


Bring a Good Kettle


Hot water is an absolute must have for coffee, tea, instant soup, washing dishes and any number of practical purposes. A classic stovetop kettle solves most hot water needs and even a normal cooking pot can work in a pinch but other options exist. The advantage of a stovetop kettle is the simplicity and reliability. If your stove is working and the propane tank has gas, the kettle will deliver every single time.


Electric kettles are also fantastic. They are fast, efficient and come with advanced controls for the perfect water temperature. The downside is the need for electricity to power the kettle. If you have a robust battery system, the electric kettle is viable for boondocking but it really serves best for RV living in parks with hookups. If you drink coffee and tea throughout the day, this type of kettle is definitely worth considering.


Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee


Tea is simple but coffee is a bit of an art form and everyone has a different preference. Instant coffee is by far the easiest method but fresh grounds are hard to beat in the morning. A French press is a favorite method for coffee making and it functions well in an RV. Use a stainless steel style press for the durability and ease of cleaning. Glass works well but can shatter while bouncing around unsecured in a cabinet or drawer on the road.


Pour-overs are ideal for working with very rich, high quality grounds. The pour over is also surprisingly simple to use and clean, making it a great fit for RV life. The style of coffee making however does have the downside of time required to make more than a single cup. If you love having one or two great cups of coffee each day, this is the ticket. For bulk coffee needs however, a big French press or coffee pot will offer more convenience.


The coffee pot itself is a great tool but it comes with the same downside as the electric kettle. If you’re plugged into electric hookups and want a big supply of coffee throughout the day, the pot is a great option but be conscious of the electric requirements while boondocking and the cabinet space required for storage.


Blend it Up


The last essential kitchen tool is a high-quality blender. Blenders are handy for making everything from sauces to smoothies and they can also chop vegetables. Modern blenders like the Ninja are compact and easy to store, making them a major asset for RV owners who love cooking. Skip the old school blenders that require major counter space and electricity and spring for a modern model that is efficient and high powered. It will still use electricity but most blending tasks only require a few minutes to complete. Imagine having delicious breakfast smoothies, homemade salad dressings and an easy way to chop onions, garlic and other vegetables for delicious dinners.