RV Exterior Maintenance
January 21, 2020
Must Carry RV Tools and Supplies
February 4, 2020

Keeping Your RV Interior Pristine

RV travelers are in constant motion and interior spaces are exposed to dust, grime and elements not commonly occurring in a normal household. Open windows and vents attract outside elements and keeping everything clean requires a simple but effective system to stay on top of things.


Simple but Powerful Cleaning Tools


Space is limited in an RV and that means you need simple cleaning tools that are highly effective. Space saving cleaning equipment is important and you really want to maximize the effectiveness of everything carried onboard. The biggest cleaning instrument in most households is a vacuum. You will not carry a steam cleaner in an RV but a vacuum cleaner is essential. Luckily, you can find some really high quality vacuum cleaners that come in handheld sizes. These modern miracles stow away easily and will make a huge difference in your life. They will remove dust and dirt that comes in through the vents and make it exceptionally easy to keep a clean living space. Cordless models are ideal for cleaning the RV interior.


Go-To Cleaning Agents


Many households have an entire cabinet dedicated to different cleaning supplies and chemicals. An RV does not have space for this clutter all you really need are a few common cleaning agents and a few microfiber cloths for wiping everything down. White vinegar is a favorite for cleaning surfaces. It’s natural, non-toxic and works wonders as a general cleaning agent. You can mix with warm water as well when scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen surfaces. An alternative to vinegar would be an all-purpose, natural cleaning product found in any store. Numerous brands are available. For specialty tasks, a window specific cleaning solution is valuable. Add a small bottle of bleach to your collection for sanitizing toilets and sinks. Also keep a container of convenient sanitizing wet wipes in the kitchen for easy cleanup. These simple items will handle the majority of your cleaning needs without taking up valuable space in your home.


Catch Dirt Outside


Save yourself the trouble of cleaning dirt by catching it outside. While an RV is not likely to have a full mudroom, setting up an outside area under the awning for wet and dirty clothes is a good idea. Hang indoor sandals or slippers on the door so you can switch into clean shoes before entering the RV. Leave your dirty boots and gear outside or just inside the door. Also add an outdoor mat for wiping shoes and boots at the door. Catching the grime outside will save a ton of cleaning time and effort in the long run. It also ensures rugs and carpets are not filled with loose sand and dirt that will eventually require a full steam cleaning to remove.


Top to Bottom – Don’t Miss the Cracks

When cleaning the interior, start high and finish low as a general rule. Really use the vacuum to clean roof vents, window areas and any crack that allows the accumulation of dirt and dust. Wipe down the ceiling and high areas so the loose material carries downward in a progressive manner. Eventually, you will reach the floor where the vacuum can finish the job. For cleaning hard floor surfaces, the vinegar and microfiber cloth is adequate. The cloth does require stooping however and a mop handle can save your back and knees. If you have the extra space available, consider the handle option to make life easier. Simple floor cleaning products like the Swiffer store away easily and they make cleaning much easier. Find a systematic routine for full interior cleaning sessions to create an efficient approach. The nice thing about an RV is the limited space and easy cleaning. An hour is often sufficient to leave everything sparkling.


Prevent Sun Wear


The interior upholstery is often overlooked but it can endure wear and tear from normal use but also from the sun. Use a window covering to minimize sun damage and fading or store your pillows when not in use. Draw down the curtains during the day to block the sun and also to cool the interior when you are running around town and enjoying the great outdoors. Returning to a hot RV that has seen full sun all day is not ideal in southern climates. Take a few minutes in the morning to block access from the sun if you want to keep things cool and protect interior fabrics at the same time.