Fulton, Texas

The town of Fulton is a small beachside Texas community along the coast just north of Rockport. Fulton offers the oceanside appeal of more popular destination towns like Rockport and Port Aransas but without losing the calm, quiet atmosphere of small-town Texas.

A Jewel in the Texas Coastal Bend

Fulton, Texas began as a small plot of land founded by George Ware Fulton Jr., a land developer who moved to the area during Texas’ war for independence. Though Fulton was first a cattle settlement, it has developed into a close-knit community with a booming fishing industry. Over generations, Fulton has secured its place in Texas’ coastal history and culture.

Fulton’s reputation as a quaint coastal town is due in part to its relatively small square mileage. With just under 2,000 residents, it is a densely packed stretch of less than a mile and half of the land. The town is a prime location for birding, boating, and fishing, and it also hosts exceptional dining, shopping, hiking, and history.

Fulton, Texas FAQs

If you are looking for information about our RV park in Fulton, TX, you will likely want to know as much as possible about the area. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our community:

What is the weather like in Fulton?

With its hot and humid summer months and mild winters, Fulton is a subtropical climate that is comfortable year-round. The beautiful offshore breeze makes this a place where most visitors want to spend their time enjoying the outdoors.

What are the outdoor activities available in Fulton?

Visitors in Fulton can experience the scenic and diverse geography of Goose Island State Park or enjoy a leisurely afternoon on the Tule Creek Hike and Bike Trail. Sailing and kayaking are family favorites, as is a day spent playing at the Rockport Beach Park, which is less than five miles from the Coastal Breeze RV Resort in Fulton. The Fulton, Texas beach also has access to myriad covers and outlets for fishing, bird watching, and boating.

What are some other Fulton attractions to enjoy?

Because of its geographic proximity to neighboring beach communities, Fulton shares many of its tourist features with towns like Rockport. The Texas Maritime Museum, Fulton Mansion and Education History Center, Rockport Center for the Arts, and the Connie Hagar Wildlife Refuge are local institutions. Throughout the year, there are several festivals and celebrations in the area, including the Fulton Oysterfest, Nautical Flea Market, Rockport Festival of Food and Wine, and the famous Rockport-Fulton Seafair.

What sort of dining and shopping does Fulton offer?

Treasures abound on Texas beaches, and what surrounds them is no exception. Fulton offers fresh seafood straight from the Gulf and delicious Tex-Mex, Mexican, and American classics. If you want seafood, you can head to Charlotte Plummer, The Boiling Pot, or the Old Fulton Seafood Cafe & Deli. If you’re in the mood for cozy American classics with a twist, try Cheryl’s Restaurant and Saloon. We have countless restaurants on offer, no matter your tastes.

After you eat, you can explore Rockport shopping where you’ll find everything from jewelry and beachwear shops to small, intimate art galleries, like Wind Way and the Yellow Rose Gallery of Fine Arts. Whatever piece of Fulton you decide to take home with you, we know you’ll be happy.

What happened to Fulton, TX after Hurricane Harvey?

On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 storm, made landfall in Fulton, causing destruction. When the storm cleared, citizens in the region began to rebuild and restore their coastal cities. Though the Fulton hurricane left behind a trail of wreckage, our town is recovering with the strength we’re known for in Texas. Fulton, TX storm damage relief is an ongoing project, but the Aransas County long term recovery action plan is underway. Not only are we recovering from the Fulton hurricane, but we are also coming back better than ever.

Why is an RV park a great place to stay?

RV parks in the Fulton area provide a scenic and cheap way to stay at the beach without straying from the comfort of home. There are few ways to get a better Texas Coastal Bend experience than spending time at an RV site in Fulton, Texas.

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When you come to Fulton, Texas, expect the best of what Texas offers: perfect scenery, kind people, and plenty to do. Give yourself a break, and come to Fulton.