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July 8, 2020
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Fresh Summer RV Recipes


Save the slow cooker stews and soups for winter because summer time is made for cooking outside and enjoying fresh and delicious meals. Simplicity is the key to summer meals because RVers are filling the days with golf, fishing and fun activities. Eat well and enjoy the summer without sacrificing entire days in the kitchen.


Breakfast on the Patio


Mornings are glorious for RVers and enjoying breakfast outside while getting the day started is a summer favorite. Cook up an all American breakfast with eggs, sausage, hashbrowns and toast to start with a hearty meal. Or keep it simple and healthy with a quick bowl of fruit and oatmeal. Premade breakfast is also great for saving time. If you want to hit your favorite fishing hole at daybreak, premake and freeze breakfast burritos (wrapped in foil). Warm them up in the morning and take the meal to go. Baking egg bites in a cupcake pan is another excellent way to have meals ready for the week. The egg bakes are like miniature omelets that are ready for consumption at a moment’s notice.


Fresh Squeezed


Beat the heat with fresh squeezed lemonade or juice while sitting under the shade of your awning. Squeeze 8 lemons and run the juice through a strainer to weed out seeds and pulp. If you enjoy the pulp, skip this step and continue to the syrup process. Combine several cups of water with a half cup of sugar and heat at medium until the sugar is dissolved. Combine the lemon juice with the syrup and add more water until the taste is just right. Chill in the refrigerator and serve over ice with fresh mint. Experimenting with the sugar to water ratio takes a few attempts to find the perfect taste level for your personal preference.


No Mess Grilling


Summer dinners are best done over the grill but cleanup is sometimes messy, especially for vegetables and potatoes that stick to the grill. Use the grill for your favorite cuts of meat and make foil packs for everything else. Dice up potatoes, onions, garlic and vegetables and spread them out on foil. Season and add butter or oil before layering a second piece of foil on top. Roll up the edges to seal everything and place the foil directly on the grill. You can use this same method on a campfire by placing the foil on or over hot coals.


Classic side dishes like potato salad or a bowl of fresh fruit always make for a more robust barbecue, especially when entertaining guests. Macaroni is easy to cook up as a side as well.


Quick Lunches


Lunch doesn’t have to be a big affair. Order from one of the many great restaurants in Rockport or make yourself a quick grilled sandwich or quesadilla. Ham and cheese is an easy favorite but adding avocado, sautéed mushrooms and onions or any other favorite ingredients is a cinch. It only takes a few minutes to grill a quesadilla or sandwich and the heat is not enough to warm up the camper beyond comfort.


For something lighter, try a salad with spinach, kale, feta cheese, and add grilled chicken or steak. Cooking extra meats at a dinner barbecue and saving them in slices for salads and sandwiches is an efficient way to have lunch salads ready without ever heating the stove.


Fresh Fish


You could grab a salmon fillet from the store but catching your own is always possible right in Rockport. Or make a purchase from the local fisherman and enjoy eating sea trout, redfish or drum right from the bay. Oysters and other shellfish are also around locally. Salmon and other cuts of fish are easy to grill on the barbecue or over fire. Pan frying is also excellent for most fish. Add salt, pepper and lemon to bring out the flavors.


Delicious Desserts


Close out the day with a sweet treat while cooling down on the patio. When cooking over a campfire or coals, smores are the go-to dessert for summertime fun. Roast marshmallows and squish them between graham crackers with a chocolate bar or chocolate peanut butter cup. It’s hard to go wrong with this classic crowd pleasing dessert.


Lemon squares and key lime pie also have that fresh summer taste and they are both relatively easy to make in an RV oven. For something lower on the sugar count, try your hand at fruit and yogurt cups or simply make a bowl of berries and cover them with cream.