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February 4, 2020
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February 18, 2020

Fishing Forecast and Report for Rockport

The winter fishing season has been steady in Rockport but the hot spring bite begins around mid-March and continues through the spring and early summer. The fall also brings big numbers of fish into the shallows and is exceptionally productive. That said, you can catch redfish in this area 12 months out of the year which makes it a very special place for anglers. Additionally, you will find drum and speckled trout, making it possible to enjoy a variety of species in a single day. Time things right and tarpon and jack crevalle also migrate through the area.


Get Your Gear Ready


With spring fishing approaching quickly, this is a good time to check your equipment and prepare for the coming months of hot action. Replace old leader materials as they become brittle after sitting for long periods of time. Organize your lures and flies and restock as needed to ensure you have everything important in order when the time comes to hit the water.


Also give your rods and reels a good freshwater bath and wipe them down for a fresh start. When storing gear, always clean with freshwater and remove all salt residue to prevent corrosion. This is especially important for long term storage. After doing and inventory and freshening everything up, you are ready to hit the water and catch the spring action.


Use a Boat for More Access


Luckily, Rockport offers a big variety of shore fishing opportunities but utilizing a boat opens the door to even more opportunity in the area. A simple fishing kayak will help you reach backwater ponds and grass flats where redfish are especially prevalent. A motor boat allows for fast access to these areas, especially when it has a shallow draft. Many of the bays have flat water and are sheltered from the big ocean currents. This makes them ideal for a variety of watercraft.


Favorite Piers and Jetties


Rockport has multiple public piers and shore access areas that are proven favorites among locals. These areas not only provide easy access to the water, many are located in very productive fishing zones. You don’t need a boat to catch a lunker here and these public areas are worth exploring.


Copano Bay Pier – A short five miles away from town, this boat ramp also has a nice long pier. It’s open every day, all day so no advanced planning is required. Simply head on over and get busy fishing!


Rockport Pier – The easiest point to access, this pier is located right on the Rockport beach and adjacent to the local boat ramp. You actually have the choice between two piers. The south location is free but can become crowded during peak season. The north pier requires a small fee but the price is worth admission when the south pier is filled with other anglers.


Cove Harbor – This is primarily a launch site and marina but you can fish off the docks as well. It’s a good place for folks wanting to fish off the shore a bit between boat launches. You can also find supplies at the harbor before hitting the water.


Local Guides Know Best


Fishing with a local guide is a great way to learn the techniques and areas where fishing is most productive. Some of the experienced guides in this area are exceptionally skilled and they have intimate knowledge of every nook and cranny in and around Rockport. Guides also specialize with some offering trips to open water on larger vessels and other focusing on the flats where redfish cruise in shallow waters and sight fishing is a daily occurrence.


Kacee Bones from Flats Fishing Texas loves fishing this ecosystem not just for the prolific redfish populations. She poles a flat bottom skiff while anglers fish and enjoy the wild ecosystem. Whitetail deer and wild hogs are common sightings along the shorelines and the incredible number of migratory birds bring the entire region to life. You can even see the endangered whooping cranes on many trips.


Deciding to watch the water or the shorelines for wildlife is a difficult decision because redfish will become visible as they feed with their tails out of the water. Also look for disturbed mud to find areas where they are feeding just below the surface. These fish are famous for attacking a well presented fly and making an incredible fight. The months ahead are an exciting time to focus on fishing around Rockport and they are among the most productive months out of the year.