October Events in Rockport
September 24, 2019
Rockport’s Big Events
October 8, 2019

Discover Rockport’s Vibrant Art Scene


Very few small coastal towns can boast such a busy and vibrant art scene. Rockport is home to several great local artists and the region as a whole has some of the most prominent art figures in Texas. Every month of the year has an art event, workshops, classes and a few even have major festivals. Even the regular local gatherings are often populated with art displays and art for sale by local folks.


Rockport’s Galleries


The Rockport Center for the Arts is the central hub for all things art in the community. They have no fee for admission and offer rotating gallery exhibits. They also have exhibits from members and local artists to view free of charge. They also operate as the location for many of the workshops and classes in the area.


Additionally, Rockport has quite a few local galleries, photographers and clay studios. Doing a walking tour of the galleries is a favorite activity for visitors to the area. The Anita Diebel Studio, Bead Studio, Joyce Combs Studio and Mary Nesbit Gallery are great stops. Mary Nesbit also has a photography display to view and shop. Latitude 2802 Coastal Cuisine and Art is the perfect break on the art walk to grab a nice meal while viewing the restaurant gallery.


The Pamela Fulcher Photography studio is another great stop to view landscapes, people and other professional photographs. Stan Irvin Unique Clay Works, Turquiose Eagle Trading Co, Wind Way Gallery and the Yellow Rose Gallery of Fine Arts are all well worth visiting in Rockport. You could make a big day of visiting galleries or hit a new one every day while staying at the RV Park.


The Art Festival


The big event is the annual Art Fest hosted by the Rockport Center for the Arts. Located at the festival grounds in Rockport, the even typically takes place during the summer, sometime in July. It’s a two-day affair and purchasing an entrance ticket at a very fair rate is required for attendance. You can purchase for a single day or buy the VIP pass for the entire event and save a few bucks while gaining early access.


The festival acts as a fundraiser for the Art Center and it sees over 10,000 attendees while featuring 120+ artists. You can also expect live music, wine and great food to enjoy during the festival. Most years, the festival has an auction the evening before the event or during the primary event schedule.


The Art Fest has grown into one of the biggest community events of the year and anyone visiting Rockport or staying for an extended period of time should make an appearance. It’s lively and full of fun with the music, food and great art on display.


Art at Local Markets


Local markets craft markets are common throughout the summer months and many other festivals take place throughout the year. Finding local art, clay work, jewelry and photography is easy as many of the local folks setup booths at events. Support the local artists and take a look at all of the fine work on display when the opportunity arises.


Workshops and Classes


Art is not just on display in Rockport. Workshops and classes are prolific with chances to learn from local experts and personalities. Visiting artists are also common in the area. Many of the workshops and classes take place at the Art Center and some are free while others require basic fees for the classes.


The Free Family Saturday is one amazing event to attend. Any Saturday during the school year, families can attend and create a new piece of art without paying a dime. It’s a great program for anyone with kids who are interested in art.


2019 Fall and Winter Events of Note


The fall and winter schedules are packed with art classes, workshops and events. The holiday season tends to taper off on art specific events but otherwise, there is never a shortage of opportunity. November is especially busy with several clay and pottery events in the first week. November 5th also has a beginning stained glass workshop which is an excellent opportunity to learn the craft.


Printmaking, watercolor painting and the free family Saturdays are all recurring throughout November as well. This makes November a really busy month and many of the pottery classes and regular recurring workshops continue into December with a few breaks for the busy Christmas Holiday season. Follow the Art Center and keep an eye on the general community calendar for new art events and opportunities throughout the year.