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December 17, 2019
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December 31, 2019

Christmas in an RV

RV Living delivers the freedom to have the perfect Christmas. The lifestyle means you have the advantage of a low key, relaxed holiday season but it also delivers the flexibility to travel, visit family and enjoy Christmas on your own terms. Some basic decorations and planned events will help to create the perfect Christmas.


Set Up a Tree and Wreath


The Christmas tree is a tough one because of the limited floor space in an RV. That doesn’t mean you should skip the tradition however. A small tree is manageable, and you can even opt for a fake model that breaks down for easy storage. Even decorating an existing houseplant is a simple and nice way to have your own version of a Christmas tree.


In warm and cold climates, dressing up a living tree outside of your RV is perfect. It requires no interior space usage and will show your Christmas spirit. A wreath outside of the door is also an ideal decoration. Consider making your own as a craft project. Making wreaths in a group with other RV park residents is a great way to prepare for the holiday festivities.


Hang some Lights – battery, solar, etc


Living in an RV requires some sacrifices in terms of storing little use items. Traditional strings of Christmas lights and boxes of decorations generally fall into this category. Double use outdoor lights however can function all year long. They provide easy outdoor lighting and can function as holiday lights as well. Many modern light strings are designed to pack small and they charge with built-in solar or through an easy USB connection. If you want the traditional string of colored Christmas lights, a single strand is often ample to add some flavor to your interior or exterior.


Join a Gift Exchange in Your Park


Christmas is all about community and joining in a fun gift exchange with other park members brings everyone together. Create a signup form to register all participants and draw names from a hat to assign participants a person to gift towards.


A white elephant gift exchange is also worth considering. Do the same draw process but do not share the assignments. You can set this up with rules like gag gifts or gifts with a price cap to ensure everyone is playing on an even field. A nice light hearted exchange is often the best approach to creating a fun event for everyone in the park.


Host a Party


Who doesn’t love a good party? RV parks are often occupied by travelers and many folks spending Christmas at the park are not visiting family for the holiday. Throw a party on Christmas Eve or Christmas night to celebrate as a community. A potluck style party is ideal with drinks and food to fill up a small size group. Check with the park for the potential to host a party in the common space where more room for a group is provided. Outdoor barbecues are also nice for celebrating in a nice climate like that of Rockport.


Visit Family


The best thing about RV living is the flexibility. Plan ahead and make a drive to spend the holiday around your family and loved ones. You can park outside a house or at a local RV park and save on hotel expenses. Not requiring anyone to put together an extra bedroom also makes the RV nice while ensuring you have a comfortable home and all of your belongings intact. Spending time with family is ideal on Christmas and while it’s not always practical or possible, an RV can help to make things easier and more comfortable.


Go Caroling


Head out in the RV park or a local neighborhood with your friends. Caroling is a fun holiday tradition and you can spread the Christmas spirit. Learn a few songs and practice before hitting the streets and spend some time practicing to prepare for the big event. Recruit a few other folks because a small group is just more fun and delivers a louder voice overall.


Volunteer Your Time


Christmas in Rockport and may other communities around the country require a serious volunteer effort to ensure all residents are appreciated. Delivering food baskets to the needy and presents to children are just a few of the ways to help deliver a merry Christmas to everyone around. Spending time helping decorate the town and putting yourself in the volunteer pool is a great way to stay busy while really providing value to the local community.