Kitchen Essentials for the RV
November 26, 2019
Headed Out – Prepping to Leave the RV Park
December 10, 2019

Checklist – Arriving at the RV Park

The long drive is over and it’s time to kick back and relax at the RV park. Streamlining the setup process with a simple checklist ensures your RV is stable and ready for comfortable living. Organization is the key to keeping track of everything and ensuring all systems are intact and functioning.


  1. Check-in and Walk the Grounds


Before you can relax, check-in with the main office and select your site if advanced bookings have not been made. Site selection is important so walk the grounds and take a look at the open spaces. Look for space, shade and any extra needs like room for outdoor tables and awnings. Long term campers will really want to find the perfect site where the sun hits just right to warm up in the morning and cool down in the evening. After greeting your hosts and making arrangements, go ahead and park the RV or trailer.


  1. Park and Level


Parking requires attention to the direction of the door opening and window exposures. Either park head-in or back-in based on these elements. RV park rules will also dictate the parking direction in some cases. After settling, turn off the RV and level everything out, ensuring all stabilizers are set in place. Leveling may seem like a small thing but it makes a big difference in the way your sleep. It also ensures things are not rolling off the table and countertops.


  1. Connect to Hookups


Now that your rig is stable, it’s time to connect services. Plug into power and test the appliances to ensure the power is delivering a steady supply with no hiccups. Next, hookup to water and test sinks, shower and toilet for functionality. Pay close attention to the pipes and do a visual inspection to the exterior undercarriage as well to ensure no leaks are present. Leaks are not common but traveling in freezing conditions with water in the system may cause issues. Luckily, the Texas coast does not freeze and your pipes are not at risk from ice damage. Lastly, connect to the sewer hookup and empty the blackwater tank if needed. With the sewer line connected, your RV quickly transforms into a connected, fully functioning house.


  1. Setup Your Outdoor Area


The next step is setting up your patio area. Open the awning and make sure everything is ultra secure. Stake out an extra guyline or two if needed just for peace of mind. Next, plan your seating area and set up a table and chairs if needed. Also consider anchoring the legs of these items down as well. Tying a rock or staking a guyline off each item is prudent no matter where you are camping. If you carry a barbecue, set this up as well so you are ready for grilling season.


  1. Unlock Cabinets and Prep the Kitchen


With your outdoor area setup, it’s time to go inside and work through the interior. Unlock the cabinets, break out the teapot and set up the kitchen area with any appliances and accessories that are stored away during travel. Add your window cover to the front windshield and break out the throw pillows and accessories for the living space. Lastly, make the bed and pull out any clothing you want accessible and ready for basic daily living. With the interior completed, you are ready to go about your daily routine.


  1. Inventory Supplies and Plan for Food


Now that everything is setup and orderly, it’s time to relax a bit. Take a break, make a cup of tea and enjoy the new RV site. You might even meet the neighbors and say hello to everyone around. Before long however, it’ll be time to cook dinner and wind down for the evening. Hopefully you have at least one or two meals worth of food in the fridge. Take an inventory of food items, propane and general household goods like cleaning supplies. Make a shopping list with this information and plan your first grocery run to stock up on supplies. Being hooked up to electric means you can stock perishables in the fridge without worry as well. After making a list, it’s a great time to get outside of the community and explore the Rockport community. Hit the grocery, eat a meal at a local restaurant and take some time to walk around town and get a feel for the wonderful community and layout of the town before making plans to hit the museums and amazon local attractions.