Coastal Breeze RV Resort News

Inexpensive RV Accessories that Make Life Easy

Turning an RV into a complete home is easy and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Some basic accessories will streamline your […]

RV Black Tanks – Make Life Easy with a Simple System

Nobody wants to discuss their black tank or black tank issues but the tank is critical to operating an effective indoor plumbing system. Having a toilet […]

Enjoying the 2020 Summer in Rockport

2020 is a different kind of year and like everywhere in the country, big events are not happening. That changes the game a bit in Rockport […]

RV Electrical Systems – Maintain batteries, solar and charging systems

  RV electrical systems are the heart of the house and they are responsible for running all appliances, lights and electrical components. The RV engine operates […]

Insect and Rodent Control for RV Living

You will inevitably encounter insects, rodents and pests while living in your RV. Depending on the region and time of year, the severity of these encounters […]

Servicing Your RV Propane Tanks and Lines

Propane is the lifeblood of many RV and travel trailer systems. Gas is used for the stovetop, oven, refrigerator, hot water heater and the interior heater. […]