Coastal Breeze RV Resort News

Headed Out – Prepping to Leave the RV Park

It’s time to pack up and leave but don’t rush to jump in your RV and blaze down the road. Although the next leg of your […]

Checklist – Arriving at the RV Park

The long drive is over and it’s time to kick back and relax at the RV park. Streamlining the setup process with a simple checklist ensures […]

Kitchen Essentials for the RV

Every RV should have a streamlined kitchen, stocked with the basics and a few luxuries if desired. Clutter is the enemy however and as a general […]

RV Friendly Grilling for the Holidays

Cooking holiday meals in an RV often requires a little extra kitchen space to churn out multiple dishes simultaneously. Utilizing the grill is a fantastic means […]

Make Your RV Feel Like Home

RV travel and full time RV living is definitely different from living in a “typical” house but it doesn’t have to mean a major lifestyle change […]

Join the Community and Volunteer in Rockport

Rockport has an incredible community with numerous opportunities to volunteer and contribute time. Local groups gather weekly throughout the year to setup events and work with […]