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A Visitor’s Guide to Rockport Weather

Rockport, Texas attracts visitors from around the country and for good reason. The beautiful beaches, great fishing, golf courses, dining, wildlife and charming local culture makes it a great place to live and visit. The climate in Rockport is fantastic during certain times of the year but the area also experiences weather events and climate swings throughout the year. The seasonality is fairly reliable and that makes it easy for visitors to plan ahead. Spring and fall are safe times and the summer is generally hot and long with a short winter that has elevated precipitations and wind. The shoulder seasons make for the best months in the entire region.


General Temperature and Climate


The coastal locations give Rockport cloudy influence throughout the year. Don’t be surprised to have clouds or partly cloudy conditions on any day. That said, there is plenty of sunshine and the cloud cover is often welcome on hot, summer days.


The summer itself is long and the weather is frequently hot with added humidity. June, July, August and September are the warmest months with daytime highs frequently reaching more than 90-degrees. You will still experience plenty of very comfortable days during the summer however with temperatures remaining a bit lower in the 80-degree range. Although hot, light precipitation is not uncommon and the rain can help to cool things down.


The spring and fall seasons are by far the most comfortable and desirable times to visit for perfect weather. March, April and May are ideal visiting times as the weather is warm and pleasant with little wind. Temperatures in the mid 70’s are common during the nice spring months. The months of October and November are similar as the heat waves dissipate and temperatures return to the low 80’s and 70’s. Even into December, the weather can be very nice depending on the storm systems in a given year.


Many RV visitors choose to stay during the spring or fall season and many of the long term RV visitors simply stay during the fall, winter and spring. Staying through the summer is not uncommon but it’s also a good time to turn north for the summer in Rocky Mountain and northwest states.


Hurricane Season


Hurricane season is a major consideration for visiting the gulf coast of Texas. The highest incidence of hurricanes occurs between June 1 and November 30 each year. Every year is different and hurricanes are not always a factor. Preparation however is extremely important, especially for RV owners. Watch the weather, pay attention to early hurricane alerts and take advantage of being mobile by moving to an inland location when a hurricane does threaten the area.  


If a serious storm is threatening, the city will alert residents and in some cases, may even require evacuations. These storm events are not an annual occurrence but they are taken very seriously to protect residents and visitors alike. The City of Rockport website has an entire section dedicated to hurricane protection and protocols including utility shutoffs and evacuations.


In terms of frequency, a hurricane makes landfall on the Texas coast roughly every 6 years and a tropical cyclone will hit several times in every 4 year period. The exact location where a storm makes landfall does vary and while Rockport has endured hurricanes in the past, it’s not an annual occurrence that evacuations are ordered. This means the late summer and fall is still an excellent time to visit in most years. Just keep and eye on the weather and be conscious of the possibility of a hurricane. It’s much easier for visitors to leave the area as they do not have homes at risk.


When Should You Visit Rockport?


While spring and fall are clearly the best times in terms of idyllic weather, Rockport is a wonderful community to visit throughout the year. The fishing is productive year-round, the fall and winter months have a hunting season and the golf courses and public beaches are open throughout the year as well. Swimmers and watersport lovers can enjoy swimming and boating during the hotter summer months and even the winter is just fine on the waters as the temperatures do not drop into freezing conditions. The winters are cool and somewhat windy but they still offer some great days to be outside enjoying the region. December, January and February can actually be a good time to visit and the crowds are much lower during this time period.