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September 10, 2019
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September 24, 2019

7 Must Have Appliances for Every RV

Most RV’s are complete with a refrigerator, oven, cooktop range and heater. While these constitute the basics and cover most needs, a few great appliances can really improve the RV lifestyle. On the same note, too many appliances create clutter and use up valuable space. Keep to a minimum and only carry the things that see regular use.


Consider the Electricity


The big issue with appliances revolves around electrical consumption. When you’re hooked up to a reliable power source, appliances are a non-issue but boondocking requires battery power and most appliances are a major draw on the resource. Without a generator and significant energy storage system, leaving them stored away on off-grid trips is a good idea. As a general rule, use your favorite appliance while hooked-up but don’t depend on them while traveling and camping in off-grid locations.


Slow Cooker


The slow cooker is an incredible addition to any kitchen. It makes great tasting meals with very little effort. You can also set it and forget it while going about your business for the day. Pulled pork, tasty soups and stews, slow cooked chicken and just about anything you can imagine is possible in a slow cooker. The appliance comes in a variety of sizes and some of the smaller versions are perfect for RV living with only a few mouths to feed. Fill the pot with your dinner then head out and enjoy a round of golf or day outside while it cooks. Return home and dinner is ready.


Blend and Chop


Blending and chopping with a motor-powered machine is a nice addition to any kitchen. Make healthy smoothies, chop nuts and ingredients for recipes and make your own sauces and dressings with a simple blender. The Ninja style blenders are ideal for RV living because they are powerful and portable. They are not as large as ay traditional blenders but they remain highly effective and do a great job of both blending and chopping. Look for a model that comes apart for easy cleaning as well.


Instant Pot


This appliance is not small but it can really change the way you cook. Some of the new instant pots even double as slow cookers, yogurt makers and pressure cookers. This makes them a very handy thing to have around. The primary benefit of the instant pot is the ability to cook things like rice and beans quickly and to perfection. You can also cook meat quickly while reaching the exact desired internal temperature. The pot makes great meals with little fuss and is really convenient for RVers who are cooking regularly.


Electric Water Kettle


The propane stovetop and a traditional tea kettle work just fine, but an electric water kettle is nice for folks making coffee and tea throughout the day. It heats the water quickly and is extremely efficient and convenient. You spend less time waiting and ultimately save on propane used while heating water on the stove all day. It’s a good thing to consider, especially for folks tied to electricity.


Coffee Maker


A coffee maker does take up space, but coffee drinkers will appreciate the convenience of a quality cup each morning. Using a French press, pour over or percolator is an easy option for people wanting fresh coffee without using up much space. A regular pot of coffee from a maker is nice for serving large quantities and making it quickly, however. Additionally, a ton of convenient single cup makers are on the market. These plug and play models create coffee on demand while requiring almost no maintenance or cleanup. The instant coffee makers are also compact and can tuck away in a corner of the kitchen where they are not in the way.


Space Heater


Propane RV heaters work well but a space heater is also nice to have on hand. On a cool night, heating the entire RV is not always necessary. Plug in a space heater and keep it close. You can heat up the small area being occupied without burning through a bunch of propane. Space heaters are inexpensive and easy to find. While they do make propane space heaters for indoor use, an electric unit is ideal for regular use. Many RV sleeping areas are contained and a small space heater can make a difference in the bedroom space. It also saves energy by only working where it’s needed. Use the main heater on the really cold nights and the space heater to assist on normal but cool nights.