Rockport Day Trip – The Aransas National Wildlife Refuge
Eating Out in Rockport

Corpus Christi in a Day

Rockport offers the perfect situation for experiencing the city attractions found in Corpus Christi without requiring you to stay in the crowded city environment. Enjoy your quiet and peaceful location in Rockport and jet over to Corpus Christi when you want to spend the day exploring restaurants, museums and natural features outside of your home base.

As a city, Corpus Christi has a ton to offer with numerous major regional museums, excellent food options and a vibrant nightlife. It’s a friendly community and well worth at least one day trip. If you set up an RV in Rockport for the season, consider making several day trips to casually explore the many attractions in the city.

Go for the Food

If you want an easy excuse to visit Corpus Christi, go for the food. You will need more than a day or two to really experience the depth of options here however. The last Friday of each month is a good time to visit for “A La Mano” or food truck Fridays. The food truck scene rivals many of the big metropolitan cities in Texas with local cuisine, Hispanic foods, barbecue and unique combinations.

Barbecue and Steak restaurants are abundant as are Tex Mex options. Both offer mouthwatering dishes in casual dining environments. You can also opt for a nice dinner out with fresh seafood, steaks and other fine dining cuisine.

Not staying for dinner? Early risers can catch one of the numerous cafes or pastry shops before exploring the local sights. Filling up on delicious pastries and coffee is the perfect way to start your adventure in the area. Brunch spots, comfort food, pizza stops and just about everything imaginable is easily found here so plan on having a good meal or two before driving back to Rockport.

If you really want to experience dinner out and the nightlife, consider grabbing a hotel to extend your stay for several days. The bars and after hours scene is lively with music and a vibrant nightlife culture.

Texas State Aquarium

The State Aquarium tops the list for many visitors. It has a massive 400,000 gallon tank with dolphins and other aquatic life. Underground viewing stations put you right inside the environment. Crab and seahorse exhibits and the Living Shore section are fascinating and educational.

The aquarium offers walk-in, self-guided visit opportunities or you can join a guided tour while really learning from the local experts. Both are good options that ultimately depend on your schedule and timing. The venue is friendly for all ages is and is a favorite for kids. Seeing the dolphins in action is a major highlight for anyone visiting Corpus Christi.

The Art Museum of South Texas

The new art museum sits right on the waterfront and offers a modern architectural appearance and a building filled with wonderful exhibits. The calendar is packed with rotating exhibits, workshops and guest lectures.

Check the events calendar while planning your visit. You will likely coincide with an exhibit or have the opportunity to participate in one of the many events offered. The events are structured nicely with offerings specific to adults and children. Nearly every single day of the year has an exhibit and event on the schedule with multiple events and workshops coinciding on many days. The number of opportunities here are simply unrivaled by any other venue in South Texas.

If you want to attend a workshop or lecture, make sure to call ahead and reserve your spot if possible. Some of the workshop spaces fill quickly.

South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center

Want to take a walk outside? The botanical gardens are a sight to see and they offer the perfect casual walking opportunity. Visit one of the great local restaurants then take a walk through the gardens and nature center.

The 180-acre property features a Hibiscus garden and an Orchid house. Trails navigate through the various gardens with self guided tours, casual walking paths and wildlife that likes to visit the gardens. Deer and coyotes are not uncommon sightings and the plants attract a variety of bird species.

Museum of Science and History

The science and history museum caters to all ages but it really is kid friendly with educational programs and displays. It has an entire children’s area designed to educate and entertain kids and teenagers alike.

The shipwreck cargo is a well known display that attracts visitors from around the region and the culture exhibits and collections of historic carriages are worth the visit. The local reptile displays are also interesting and fun to explore. Plan for at least an hour on this trip. If you want the full experience, several hours are required to really work through the displays at a comfortable pace.

Texas Surf Museum

Texas and the Gulf of Mexico have a rich surfing culture that is largely unknown to the larger surf community. The surf museum is a fascinating place to visit as it explores the history of surfing in Texas from the beginning to present day.

The museum is free and many of the exhibits are permanent. It’s an easy and entertaining stop to make in the area for surfers and non-surfers alike.

The Bay Trail

If you enjoy exploring on foot or on bicycle, the bay trail is an excellent option. It’s a nine mile trail each direction. You can do the entire thing in a day on bicycle or do smaller segments on foot. The trail actually ties together many of the popular attractions like the Museum of Science and History and the Art Museum.

Numerous parks are scattered along the trail and it’s the perfect way to spend the day alternating between attractions and mellow park settings. Stop at one of the marinas, hit a museum, grab lunch, sit in the park, hit another museum and walk back to the car. The trail makes for some creative day trip options on bike or by walking. Plan ahead and judge the distances to create a comfortable pace and a rough schedule for your day.